Hello my name is Marie and I am Mahogany Lox's sister I look exactly like her our hair and eyes are the exact same except I have red strips in my curly hair.

I have never met the boys yet but I want to I don't know why my sister didn't introduce me to them earlier I don't know.

Marie one day meets the boys and she loves them but one of them grows feelings for her but one thing she already has a boyfriend. will she find out that she loves him or her boyfriend.


1. starbuck date


I woke up with a text from my boyfriend Shawn.


hey babe good morning do you want to meet up at starbucks today


sure I would love to how about in an hour.


ok sounds good.

I get up and get ready for my date with Shawn. I get my white crop top that says you gotta bae or nah. Mahogany said that a boy named Cameron got it for me that was really sweet of him and I put on my bleached shorts with my high top white converses. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff like that. I grabbed my pink tidied penny and went and rode to starbucks. im 16 so im ok with doing this on my own.

I walked in and saw Shawn standing their talking to a girl I went up to him and said Hey SHawn. oh hey. who was that girl. oh just my bestfriend that I haven't seen in a long time. oh ok. 

we go up to the counter and  I get a cotton candy frapp and he gets the usual Carmel frapp. we get our drinks and sit down. so you wanna go with me to the movies to see Tammy. oh nah I cant I gotta meet up with some friends after this. oh ok. but I got to go. I look up at him weird but I just got here.

I know and I am sorry but I need to study for a huge test before I go with my friends see ya later. see ya babe. well that was weird he didn't even say I love you like he usually does but I just ignore it and go home and sit on the couch and watch all episodes of teen wolf on Netflix.

I sigh I check my phone and no text from him not even a call.

what should I do what should I think  

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