Hello my name is Marie and I am Mahogany Lox's sister I look exactly like her our hair and eyes are the exact same except I have red strips in my curly hair.

I have never met the boys yet but I want to I don't know why my sister didn't introduce me to them earlier I don't know.

Marie one day meets the boys and she loves them but one of them grows feelings for her but one thing she already has a boyfriend. will she find out that she loves him or her boyfriend.


2. meeting Magcon


I woke up to Mahogany waking me up she threw a pillow at me. HEYYY I yell. what. why did you do that for. because you need to get your arse up and get ready. why. because your meeting the boys today. I jump up really. yes no get ready. fine. honey my mom yell.

yes mom. come here their is someon I want you to meet. ok one second. I put on a hoodie and my jeggings with my tanned uggs. I put my hair in a bun and went downstairs.

I paused. was it really who I thought it was. I went downstairs and it was I had to hold in my excitement. Marie this is Jacob whitesides. uhm I know. oh. do you listen to my music? he asked. yes I do my favorite is words. he smirked and says cool.

I tried not to burst into tears and excitement. so now you meet 1 boy and it seems you look a little blushhy huh marie. Shut up MO . she laughs and he does to. its ok don't hide it I think its cute.

so you ready to meet the guys Mary? Mo asked. that's a nickname she gave me since I was 3. yup I am. ok have fun girls and Jacob. thanks I say. I see my penny and grab it and put it in the trunk with Mo's penny. we drive off to the hotel and we sneek in and go to the floor they are on.

WHATS UP MO I hear and its a guy that looks 18 almost looks like Jacob. hey Cam whats up? oh nothing Mo. is this the famous Marie. yup I said. wow you are way pretty than Mo described you as. I smiled and blushed. Im Cameron by the way. I smile and give him a hug. OMG his hugs are amazing im dying right now.

we walk into the hotel room and I see a lot more guys. HEY MO. hey guys. Well who is this pretty one. I smile im getting so much compliments. Im Marie. are you MO sister. yup. Im Taylor Caniff. I smile and I also love your song with 2 virgins and Dillon rupp. I love this girl. he winks at me. I Loved meeting the guys they are so funny but I think im falling for one of them but I cant I have a boyfriend and that kinda made me frown


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