Hello my name is Marie and I am Mahogany Lox's sister I look exactly like her our hair and eyes are the exact same except I have red strips in my curly hair.

I have never met the boys yet but I want to I don't know why my sister didn't introduce me to them earlier I don't know.

Marie one day meets the boys and she loves them but one of them grows feelings for her but one thing she already has a boyfriend. will she find out that she loves him or her boyfriend.


3. haning out together


still hanging out with magcon


Im hanging out with the boys and I really like them but Im starting to grow feelings for one but I don't know if he would like me I mean why would he is famous im not. we were just talking about random shit. "does anyone want to play truth or dare"? Taylor asks. we all agreed.

I was sitting by Aaron and Cameron. "alright Cameron truth or dare"? Taylor asked. "Dare". he said. "I dare you to run in the hall way naked screaming im a big fat idiot go". "NO WAY AM I DOIN THAT". "why"? "first off their is girls and second of that's embarrassing". "well you cant back out of a dare". I say.

"fine". He goes; takes his clothes off fully naked, runs and screams we start busting out laughing at Cameron. "ok ok im done now stop laughing". we stop and go back to sit. "Truth or dare Marie"? "Truth". "Ok have you ever had your first kiss"?

"no". I looked over at my crush and I saw his face light up. "oh ok". "Mo truth or dare"? "dare". "I dare you to kiss Jacob for 10 seconds". they kissed for more than 10 "YO guys hey stop". "sorry". they pull away. "Awwww JOX". "shut up you guys". Mo said.

I laughed. it was getting late so me and Mo went to the Hotel room and we sat down on our bed "so have a crush"? Mo asked. "No I say". "oh come one you can't convince me of that". "ughhh I breath out I cant have a crush I have a boyfriend".

"oh right well ok". we go to sleep, I start thinking about my crush I breath a sigh.


*the next day*

"Mary WAKE UP". "why". "because me and you are going to starbucks now get up". "ok im up" I say getting up. I go and put on my white crop top that comes down to my bellybutton it has a picture of a beach with a grunge filter and my blue and white shorts with my black sandals I put my hair into a ponytail, I brush my teeth, grabbed my phone, and put it in my pocket. "ready". "ok lets go" Mo said. we grab our pennys and ride to starbucks we both went inside when I stopped and saw what was happinging. that same girl he saw at satrbucks two days ago he was kissing her and was enjoying it.

"SHAWN"! "Marie I can explain". "no I saw enough you are in love with her". "that's my cousin". "oh really why would you kiss your cousin im out of here SHAWN WE ARE THROUGH"! Mo goes over to him "I'm gonna give you 3 seconds to run before I do something really bad to you you brake my sister heart I brake your body". he runs.

"lets go". I go crying we are at the hotel and im still crying. my crush comes up to me. "What's wrong Marie" he says asking for a hug I accept it and run into them. "her boyfriend cheated on her". Mo. said.

"well he is a jerk face for doing that you are a beautiful girl". he says I smile at him. "here I got this Mo you want to come and watch movies with me". I smile. I nod, we Go up to his room just me and him we sit on his bed and watch "whatever movie you want to" he said I could choose.

we sit together and he snuggles me up to him. he stars looking at me. "why are you looking at me"? "because your beautiful". "no I'm not". "What yes you are you don't need the makeup non of that t o be beautiful". "Whatever" I was hoping he would as me out but why would he he doesn't even like me stop thinking that he does. I put my head on his chest and watch the new Disney movie Frozen.

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