An Ordinary Teens Life…

Effy is a seventeen years old and a junior and a school in New York City.. She has so many friends and a boyfriend,but there are so many problems in these seven teen's life…


3. Effy's Point Of View

Blaze and I went back to his house. He was rich and lived in this gorgeous pent house. We went into his room and he tossed his hoodie on a chair. I plopped onto his bed and pulled him by me. "Alone at last," I whispered in his ear. He kissed me and then kissed my neck. I bared his shirt off as he messed with the hem of my tank top. My nails stroked his neck then slid down to his back. He finally got my tank top off and was reaching for the elastic out of my hair and tangled his fingers in my hair as we kissed.


I woke with my head on Balze's chest. He was still asleep and so calm. I traced circles with my finger on his chest. We've been together for almost three years. His heartbeat was so relaxed and sounded like a song. I kissed his cheek and then crawled out of bed. I threw on underwear and one of Blaze's t-shirts. I decided to make pancakes. Blaze came downstairs when I was done.

"Man Ef, you make the best pancakes," he said in between bites. Then the phone began to ring.

"I'll get it." I went and got the phone.

"Hello. This is Dr.Riles, is this Jacob Blaze Green?" 

It was from the hospital. They always called when it was bad news because they couldn't stand telling the person in person.

"No it's his girlfriend,Effy."

"Oh. Well Effy, may i speak to him please?"

"Yea." I handed Blaze the phone. And in minutes he dropped the phone and started balling his eyes out. I already knew the news. His mom died.

I did as much as I could by supporting him but he just wanted to be alone.

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