An Ordinary Teens Life…

Effy is a seventeen years old and a junior and a school in New York City.. She has so many friends and a boyfriend,but there are so many problems in these seven teen's life…


2. Effy's Point Of View

"Mom it's been a week since dad left. You need to shower and go shopping. Lewie needs milk and juice. Please mom?" I begged. Mom just rolled off the couch and hugged me. She then whispered in my ear,"I'm so sorry baby girl. Things will be better now, I promise." She kissed my cheek.


An hour later mom and Lewie went shopping and Blaze came over. He was in a pair of shorts and a hoodie, and his black messy hair was messier than normal. "Hey Ef, why is it that you always see the good in life?" He asked as we were laying on my floor in my bedroom.

"I don't know… I guess if I don't see the good in life then I only see the bad and I rather see the good than the bad." I turned and placed my head on his chest. "How's your mom,Blaze?"I asked. Blaze's mom was diagnosed with cancer last month.

"Not good. Effy's she's my only family." He sat up and hid his face in his hands. "I'm screwed."

"That is not true Blaze. You always have me, always. I love you." I sat up and placed my hand on his shoulder. He turned and held me tight.



Before he could kiss me Nolan,Maxxie, and Jace came in with a basketball.

"Oh sorry Ef. But are you busy?" Maxxie asked.

"Uh.." I looked at Blaze who was now cussing under his breath. "No. what do you need boys?"

"So we were down at the basketball court and Maxxie saw his crush since like sixth grade and there were these really hot girls like smoking hot chicks there," Jace stated.

"Can you get to the point?" I asked.

"Oh. Right, sorry. So we need you to help us get the girls and Maxxie here the boy."

I sighed. But began to put booty shorts on and a tank top. I practically looked like I was gonna play volleyball 

Once we got there I went over to the girls and told them how amazing Jace and Nolan are. *Wink,Wink* Maxxie and the guy turned out to have something in common, they were both gay.


So.. I decided to start a story. I really hope you guy enjoy. I know I'm not an amazing writer but I really love to write and I hope you guys enjoy my writing. But if you don't thanks for at lest reading it. Love ya! Bye!

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