An Ordinary Teens Life…

Effy is a seventeen years old and a junior and a school in New York City.. She has so many friends and a boyfriend,but there are so many problems in these seven teen's life…


1. Effy's Point Of View

"Effy Get The Hell Up!!!" My father yelled, as he banged on my door. I groaned. Once I finally got out of bed I showered,Straitened my auburn hair,threw on skinny jeans and a white sweater,then stormed downstairs to my cranky mum and an a-hole of a dad.

"Good morning Lewie," I whispered into my baby brother's ear. Mum got pregnant with him over a year ago once her and dad got back together and were what's left of their happiness, but you could tell their were no sparks left between them.

"Effy, you need to come straight home today after school. You are babysitting Lew," father protested.

"And where will you two be?"

"Out of town Ef," mum answered for him.

"No friends over. And stay out of the basement.You understand?" Dad babbled. I nodded. The basement was were dad kept his drugs and liquor, but lucky for him I didn't like any of that crap.

"I missed England," I mumbled under my breath.

"Oh well to fucking bad, we moved to NewYork and your going to like it. Now go to school, you ROTTEN BRAT!!" My father commanded. I quickly grabbed my backpack and stormed out the apartment door.



"Miss.Wood, Miss.Wood." I felt a hand on my shoulder and I woke up. I fell asleep in history,again… 

"Sorry,Mrs.Laner." I glimpse at the clock,"Hey look it's time for lunch." I grabbed my books and skipped out of the room.

The lunchroom was filled and loud. I saw my friends all laughing at a table. I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind. I quickly turned around and saw my boyfriend,Blaze. I locked lips with him. "Hey Ef, so a little birdie told me that a little someone fell asleep in History class. Again. I can't believe you fell asleep in class on your first day of junior year,"he teased. I playfully punched his shoulder. We walked to our friends together.

"OMG! Effy!!" My best friend Scarlet yelled.

"Hey Scar,Michi,Nolan,Maxxie,and Jace. How was your summer?" All of lunch was each of us telling what we did over the summer. Scar went to London with Jace, Michi,Nolan,and Maxxie went to clubs, and Blaze and I did nothing but spend time together.

After school we all went to my house, and of cource when we got there mum and dad were fighting while Lewie was crying in his crib.

"My room, quiet," I whispered as they began to go up to my bedroom. I went and got Lewie. His face was so red and eyes so swollen from crying.

"God! Lauren your a fricken BITCH!" Dad yelled.

"Liam! I want you gone! Now!" Mum yelled back. Dad left and this time he didn't come back…

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