Love over Power

A story of a girl destined to change the world.


2. Strange Guy


    I've noticed that both Hathor and Night are sending death glares again to each other. But it seems like Night is more relaxed while Hathor is somewhat irritated. I sighed and can't help to wish nothing will happen between them. I don't like seeing anyone fight.

    I've been thinking about something ever since we got into this place, it's like a nagging feeling. I'm getting a very bad idea about us staying here, like the worse is yet to come.

    "How did you get here?" Bronze asked Night, interrupting my thoughts.

    "I honestly don't know." Night said in a serious tone. "I was on my way out of our soccer field when suddenly a bright light and swirling vortex sucked me in and brought me here. I wandered around until I saw my blue eagle soaring above me. But I can't help but have this negative feeling, as if it's telling me that I shouldn't stay here. And I think I've seen an omen for it."

    "Why? What do you mean?" Aether asked, concern in his voice.

    "Because while me and my eagle are checking out the land, we happened to pass by a destructed land, and by the looks of it, it took place not to long ago. And it's not a very good sight to see." Night shivered while telling us about what he saw.

    "What did you see?" I asked him.

    "Lots and lots of dead bodies..." He said gravely.

    "Dead bodies?---" Hathor butt in.

    "Dead bodies of people and animals." Night answered him. "It's a huge pile of rotting carnage."

    I can't help but be afraid of what Night told us, at the same time I can't help but feel sad and hurt for these people and animals to suffer that disastrous event. What kind of person, animal or creature will do that horrible deed? What monstruous entity will create such damage?

    "What you saw Night, is a sign for us to keep moving and be far from any danger as possible."

    "You're right, Aether." Hathor said and hold tightly on his lancer. "We'd better get moving."

    "I think we would be able to leave this place much faster if we're going to ride in them." Bronze pointed at the two animals.

    "Bronze's is right. Night can we ride with you?" My cousin said while pulling me beside him. Night nodded and Sky got bigger, huge enough to let people ride his back, and they helped me get up the huge eagle.

    "Bronze can ride with me." Hathor said while jumping at the tiger's back. "Right Saber?" He patted the head of the tiger.

    I froze on my spot. I can feel darkness enveloping me. I felt something evil. A very strong energy.

    "We are too late, we are in great danger." I told them, and they looked at me with shocked showing in their faces. "I can feel a very strong force coming this way."

    All of us observed our surroundings and became more alert. The boys quickly pulled out their weapons: Night showed us a large scythe, so sharp that it can kill a lot of enemies in just one slash. We heard a shrieking sound and it's coming closer. An animated corpse is heading to me.

    "AAAHHH!" I screamed when another dead body leaped near me.

    "Watch out!" Aether yelled as more zombies came to us.

    The boys and the two animals started fighting off the crowd of zombies.

    "This is no good!" Hathor shouted from my right. "They're coming in all directions!"

    "We'd better get out of here!" Bronze yelled.

    "Sky! Bring Charniel up!" Night ordered his eagle.

    The large eagle immieadiately soared high but not before Aether and Night jumped to his back, while Hathor and Bronze were at Saber's back and the big cat moved with such agility.

    The corpses kept on coming and the boys keeps on swinging and smashing their weapons to the zombies.

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