Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


7. Chapter 7

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I get into Mycroft's car and smile at him. "Croft. Did you have to be so hard?" I ask and lean my head on his shoulder.

"Must you lean on me?" Mycroft asks me. I nod and yawn. It was getting late and I was tried. "To my home." He tells the driver. I smile and close my eyes. "When do you want to go home?" He asks.

"In a little. I need a break from your brother." I say softly.

He wraps his arm around me and move my legs onto of his legs. "This is why I never wanted you to meet him." He says and sighs. "My brother is not the nicest."

"Neither were you." I say and laugh.

"No but you have gotten better and I believe that my brother can damage that." Mycroft says. I sigh and nod. I start thinking about the time Mycroft and I met.

It was my third weekend on the street and I was freezing. It was the middle of March and I didn't have much to cover up with. I tried to go back to Irene's and get some more clothes but Kate just slammed the door in my face. I wasn't about to try that again. I was sitting outside a store, trying to stay warm. I had on three shirts, two pants, and a coat. I still was cold. I could feel my hands and feet going numb. I see a black car pulling up and stopping. I notice a man coming out and holding out his hand. "Come on." He said. I look at him questionably. "Now." He says sternly. I get up and follow him into the car. A woman is inside and hands me a cup. I look at it. "It is hot chocolate. Drink it." I nod and drink it. I moan softly at the warmth. I look at the woman and smile softly. She looks around my age. She smiles back. I look at the man. I had so many questions but his body language told me to wait to ask. I look straight ahead and drink the hot chocolate. We get to a nice house outside London. The man and woman get out and I follow. I look around in amazement. This was even better than Irene's house. I follow them into the house and they lead me to the living room. "'Elizabeth', go get us some more hot chocolate. Miss Adler needs the warmth. Tell the cooks to make some soup." The man says to the woman and sits down. The woman nods and leaves. "Sit down Miss Adler." I nod and sit. "You have questions and we will get to them. I have some rules before we start. You will not tell anyone about this meeting or any that we have in the future. You will not go back to your 'sister's' house. Yes I know she is not you true sister and we will talk about that. I will help pay for you schooling and you will get your degree or there will be consequences." He pauses to see if I understood. I nod. "Good. We will change your last name to your mother's and will get you a flat. It won't be anything you are used to, but you will be able to afford it on you allowance. I will be getting the money you go from your mother's death and will put it in an account so your 'sister' cannot get it. I will give you an allowance each week because I know you would blow through it in no time." He says and gets out a notebook.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" I ask him.

"Ah 'Elizabeth'. You can set the cups on the table. Have the rest of the day off." The man says and ignore me.

"Thank you sir." 'Elizabeth' says. I had figured out that Elizabeth is not her real name and it was a new identity since she didn't always respond to the name at first. It took her a couple seconds more to understand that people were talking to her. She sets the cups down and leaves. I watch her go.

"My name is Mycroft Holmes. I am doing this because I see a future in you that can help me." The man says as he put his notebook down and grabs a cup.

"So you are doing this because it will help you later on." I say and grab a cup.

"Of course. I am not a charitable man." Mycroft says and smirks at me. I shrug. I was fine with this man using me in a good way. It would help me now and I needed help. "You will stay here for the night. I had 'Elizabeth' put some clothes out on the bed. I will see you in the morning." Mycroft says and leaves the room. I watch him go and ask myself what I got myself into.

I feel the car stop and open my eyes. I see that we are at 221B Baker Street. "I thought we were going to your house. I don't want to deal with your brother tonight." I say and frown.

"You can't be at the house tonight." Mycroft says. I pout and he smiles. "We will have lunch tomorrow and I will let you complain the whole time." He says.

I grin. "You got it." I say and kisses his cheek. "Peace out." I get out of the car and run upstairs. I see Greg, Donovan, Anderson, and some other people going through the things in the flat. "Hey! What's going on here?" I yell.

Greg looks over at me. "Drug bust."

I look confused and then remember. "Oh Sherlock. What did he do?" I ask.

"He found the case." Greg says and points to the case. "And since we tactically can't break into the flat we just said that we were doing a drug bust. It isn't that far off." He explains and shrugs. I nod and hear the down stairs down closing.

"Sherlock is back. He won't like this." I tell him and sit on the couch. I pull out my phone and text Mycroft.

Did you know about this? CM

I get an immediate reply.

Of course. MH

I laugh and put my phone away. I hear Sherlock yell, "Mrs. Hudson! Doctor Watson will take the room upstairs." I laugh more and hear the front door open and then close a minute later. I wonder who that was. I hope John didn't leave.

I hear two sets up feet coming up the stairs. I look over as Sherlock comes in, with John behind him. I smile at John and he smiles back. I knew that he would be worried about where I was but right now wasn't the time. "What are you doing?" Sherlock asks Greg, who was sitting in the armchair. Sherlock stormed over to him.

"Well, I knew you'd find the care. I'm not stupid." Greg says.

"Well you can't just break into my flat." Sherlock says.

"And you can't withhold evidence. And I didn't break into your flat." Greg says. I laugh.

"Well, what do you call this?" Sherlock asks.

Greg looks around at the other officers before looking back to Sherlock, with an innocent look on his face. "It's a drug bust." I bust up laughing. I knew that I would enjoy getting to know Greg. He was one of the few people who actually stood up to Sherlock. Sherlock glares at me and then looks back at Greg.

"Seriously?! This guy, a junkie?! Have you met him?!" John asks. Aw John didn't know Sherlock at all. I only know this because of his brother but I still knew.

Sherlock bites his lip nervously and walks closer to John. "John…."

John looks at Greg. "I'm pretty sure you could search this flat all day, you wouldn't find anything you could call recreational." He says.

I raise my eye brows. Would the place be clean of drugs? If not, then I would have a lot to tell Mycroft.

"John, you probably want to shut up now." Sherlock says. Oh so he did have something.

John looks into Sherlock's eyes. Sherlock holds his gaze for a long moment and John realizes how serious he's looking. "No."

"What?" Sherlock asks.

"You?" John exclaims.

"Shut up!" Sherlock yells angrily and turns to Greg.

John looks at me. "Why are you not shocked?"

"I already knew." I say nonchalantly.

"What? How?" John asks. I smirk and look at Sherlock and Greg.

"Oh, I volunteered." Anderson says venomously.

Sherlock looks away, biting his lip angrily. I get up and place a hand on Sherlock's arm. He looks down and calms down a little.

"They all did. They're not strictly speaking on the drug squad, but they're very keen." Greg says. I frown. Okay I was all for standing up to Sherlock but not this far.

I see Donovan coming out of the kitchen, holding a small glass jar with some white round objects in it. I glare at her. "Are these human eyes?" She asks.

"Put those back." Sherlock yells.

"They were in the microwave!" She yells back.

"It's an experiment." Sherlock tries to explain. I look at him with interest. "I'll explain later." I nod and look back at Donovan and glare. She glares back.

"Keep looking, guys." Greg says and stands up. He turns to Sherlock. "Or you could help us properly and I'll stand them down."

"This is childish." Sherlock says angrily and starts pacing.

"Well, I'm dealing with a child. Sherlock, this is our case. I'm letting you in, but you do not go off on your own. Clear?" Greg says slowly.

Sherlock stops pacing and glares at Greg. "Oh, what, so-so-so you set up a pretend drugs bust to bully me?"

"It stops being pretend if they find anything." Greg explains.

"I am clean!" Sherlock says loudly. I smile. That was good to know.

"Is your flat? All of it?" Greg asks.

"I don't even smoke." Sherlock exclaims. He unbuttons the cuff of his left sleeve and pulls it up to show the nicotine patch on his lower arm.

"Neither do I." Greg says and pulls the right sleeve of his own shirt and pulls it up to show a similar patch on his arm. Sherlock rolls his eyes and turns away. They both pull their sleeves back down again. "So let's work together. We've found Rachel." Greg explains.

Sherlock looks back at Greg. "Who is she?" He asks.

"Jennifer Wilson's only daughter." Greg says.

Sherlock frowns. "Her daughter? Why would she write her daughter's name? Why?" He asks and tries to understand. I subconsciously reach up and grab my mother's locket. It's the only thing that I have left of her.

"Never mind that. We found the case." Anderson says and points to the pink suitcase. I look at Sherlock and John. When did that come here? "According to someone, the murderer has the case, and we found it in the hands of our favorite psychopath." Anderson continues.

"He isn't a psychopath. He is a high-functioning sociopath." I say and roll my eyes.

I feel Sherlock look at me. I ignored him. He would definitely have questions now. "You need to bring Rachel in. You need to question her. I need to question her." Sherlock says to Greg.

"She's dead." Greg says.

"Excellent!" Sherlock exclaims. I look at him in amusement. He was so like his brother. "How, when, and why? Is there a connection? There has to be." Sherlock continues on.

"Well, I doubt it, since she's been dead for fourteen years. Technically she was never alive. Rachel was Jennifer Wilson's stillborn daughter, fourteen years ago." Greg explains.

I see John grimace sadly and turn away. I look at Sherlock and see that he is confused. "No, that's… that's not right. How… Why would she do that? Why?" Sherlock asks.

"Why would she think of her daughter in her last moments? Yup – sociopath; I'm seeing it now." Anderson says and looks at me. I glare at him and roll my eyes.

Sherlock turns to him with an exasperated look on his face. "She didn't think about her daughter. She scratched her name on to the floor with her fingernails. She was dying. It took effort. It would have hurt." Sherlock explains and starts to pace back and forth across the room again. I roll my eyes and sit on the couch.

"You said that the victims all took the poison themselves, that he makes them take it. Well, maybe he ... I don't know, talks to them? Maybe he used the death of her daughter somehow." John tries to help.

Sherlock stops pacing and looks at John. "Yeah, but that was ages ago. Why would she still be upset?" He asks.

John and I stare at him. Sherlock hesitates as he realizes that everyone in the flat has stopped what they're doing and has fallen silent. He glances around the room and then awkwardly looks at me. "Not good?"

I glance around the room and turn back to Sherlock. "Bit not good, yeah." I say and shrug.

Sherlock shakes it off and looks at John and me. "Yeah, but if you were dying… if you'd been murdered: in your very last few seconds what would you say?" He asks us.

"'Please, God, let me live.'" John says as I say "'Well, this sucks.'"

"Oh, use your imaginations!" He says exasperated.

"I don't have to." John and I say at the same time.

John and Sherlock look at me confused and I look down. Sherlock coughs and continues on. "Yeah, but if you were clever, really clever… Jennifer Wilson running all those lovers: she was clever." Sherlock starts pacing. "She was trying to tell us something."

Mrs. Hudson comes to the door of the living room. "Isn't the doorbell working? Your taxi's here, Sherlock." She tells Sherlock.

Sherlock doesn't stop pacing. "I didn't order a taxi. Go away." He tells her.

Mrs. Hudson looks around the room and frowns. "Oh dear. They're making such a mess. What are they looking for?" She asks.

"Drug." I shrug and say.

She frowns. "But they're just for my hip. They're herbal soothers." Mrs. Hudson says anxiously.

Sherlock stops with his back to the door and shouts, "Shut up, everybody, shut up! Don't move, don't speak, don't breathe. I'm trying to think. Anderson, face the other way. You're putting me off."

"What? My face is?!" Anderson yells and I laugh. He glares at me and I smile and wave.

"Everybody quiet and still. Anderson, turn your back." Greg sas.

"Oh, for God's sake!" Anderson yells.

"Your back, now, please." Greg says. Anderson rolls his eyes and turns his back.

Sherlock closes his eyes. "Come on, think. Quick!" He says to himself.

"What about your taxi?" Mrs. Hudson asks.

"MRS. HUDSON!" Sherlock turns to her and yells furiously. Mrs. Hudson turns and hurries away down the stairs. I frown at Sherlock and follow.

"Mrs. Hudson." I call after her. She turns and smiles softly at me.

"I know he doesn't mean it dear. He is stressed." She says and lets me in her flat. I sit down at the table and smile. She starts making tea. "He gets this way all the time. I hope that won't make you leave. John and you are going to be so good for him."
"I won't be leaving and I don't think John will be either. He likes the adventure." I say and smile.

"They would make such a great couple. Or you and one of the boys." She says and brings me the tea. I laugh and put some sugar and milk into it.

"Not me. I am not looking for anything. The boys are too good for me anyways." I say and sip my tea. I hear the door bell and Mrs. Hudson goes and gets it.

She looks at me. "It's the taxi cabbie again. I'm going to get Sherlock." She says and goes up the stairs. I nod and sip my tea again. I watch the cabbie look around and then he notices me. He smirks and waves. I wave back and he lets himself upstairs. I slowly get up and see where he is off too. I notice that he has stopped by the door and look at Sherlock. I notice that the cabbie is texting someone. A minute later, I see the cabbie coming back down the stairs. He tips his hat to me and leaves the house. I see Sherlock coming down the stairs. He looks at me and then leaves the house. I frown and follow. I wasn't about to let Sherlock do this alone.

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