Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


41. Chapter 41

Thank you Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan on livejournal for the transcripts. They help so much.

Here is the last part of His Last Vow

I own nothing, except Calliah and my ideas.

I wake up later and see Bill. “Oh good. You’re up.”

I look around and see Mycroft still out and so was Mummy Holmes. “W-What happened?”

“You ‘ad to sleep.” Bill says.

“Where is Sherlock and John?” I ask.

“Away.” Bill said.

I frown and start shaking Mycroft. He groans. “Mycroft. Wake up. Sherlock and John are gone!” He slowly wakes up. “Mycroft!”

“What?” He groans.

“Sherlock and John are gone. I think they drugged us.” I say.

Mycroft looks around. “My computer is gone.”

We look at each other. “Magnussen.” We say at the same time. We get up and I get my coat on. Mycroft calls someone. After a couple minutes, a helicopter lands in the yard.

“Stay here.” Mycroft tells me.

“No. Those two are family. I can’t stay and I won’t let you make me stay.” I say and start going to the helicopter. I go to get in and feel a hand on my back. I look back and see Mycroft. I smile and get in. He follows me in and we get buckled. The helicopter flies off and I bounce my leg. What was Sherlock doing? Why didn’t he bring me? What was going to happen? I feel a hand on my leg and look up.

“Calm down love. It will be okay. We will get them out and I will handle it.” Mycroft tells me. I nod and place a hand on my belly. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just worried.” I say.

“I know. We will be there soon.” He tells me. I nod and look out my window. Mycroft keeps his hand on my knee.

We soon get to Magnussen’s and I see Sherlock, Magnussen, and John standing on the patio. Armed police marksmen run towards the patio. We shine the spotlight towards the patio. Mycroft grabs the headset with the microphone. “Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Stand away from that man.” I see Sherlock look away and Magnussen look over towards Sherlock. I see Magnussen say something. Sherlock steps forwards and walks over to John’s side.

“What is he doing?” I ask. Magnussen says something to Sherlock and then looks towards us.

“Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Step away.” Mycroft says again over the speaker.

Magnussen walks forward a couple of steps, waving his hands calmly. “It’s fine! They’re harmless!”

The armed police continue moving into position, aiming their rifles towards the patio. I frown and grip onto Mycroft’s arm. “Target is not armed. I repeat, target is not armed.” I hear over the radio. John looks at Sherlock and says something. He turns to look at us again.

Magnussen calls over his shoulder and then looks round at them. Sherlock turns and looks at John. Sherlock looks away from John, lowing his gaze. Magnussen turns away from him.

“Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, stand away from that man. Do it now.” Mycroft says over the speakers.

Sherlock looks up and says something. He steps closer to John, reaches round behind him, then steps away again and walks forward towards Magnussen. Sherlock says something and Magnussen turns to look at him. Sherlock says some more things and then he raises John’s pistol, aims it at Magnussen’s head and fires. As John recoils and even before Magnussen hits the ground, Sherlock drops the gun to the patio and turns towards the helicopter, raising his hands. My eyes widen and I grip Mycroft’s arm harder. “Sherlock….”

“Man down, man down.” The police officer says over the radio.

Sherlock says something to John and turns to look at him. John raises his hands.

“Stand fire!” Mycroft says frantically into the microphone. The police marksmen run towards the patio, aiming their rifles at Sherlock as he faces them. “Do not fire on Sherlock Holmes! Do not fire!”

The marksmen take up positions, aiming their laser sights towards Sherlock. Sherlock looks round to John again. John stares at him. Sherlock takes a look at John and then turns towards the marksmen and the helicopter and begins to sink slowly to his knees. John holds his own hands high, his eyes full of despair. Sherlock kneels on the patio, his hands raised and his face anguished. The beams from the laser sights travel over his face as he stares ahead of himself.

Mycroft takes off his headset and stares in despair towards Sherlock. “Oh, Sherlock. What have you done?” He looks towards me as I start crying. He pulls me over to him and I cry into his chest.

It was the next day. Mycroft and I were in a meeting. Mycroft didn’t want me out of his sight so I was sitting in the back of the room. Mycroft was standing at the glass wall. He has his back to the room and is looking outside. There is a suited man standing nearby to his right. “As my colleague is fond of remarking, this country sometimes needs a blunt instrument. Equally, it sometimes needs a dagger – a scalpel wielded with precision and without remorse.” He looks to his left. “There will always come a time when we need Sherlock Holmes.”

Several of the men sitting at the tables in the room look back at him silently. The man standing near him speaks. “If this is some expression of familial sentiment…”

Mycroft sighs and turns to him. “Don’t be absurd. I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion.” The man looks away, grimacing slightly. Mycroft turns to look out the window again. “In any event, there is no prison in which we could incarcerate Sherlock without causing a riot on a daily basis. The alternative, however…” He looks left towards where Lady Smallwood is sitting at a table. “…would require your approval.”

“Hardly merciful, Mr. Holmes.” Lady Smallwood says.

“Regrettably, Lady Smallwood, my brother is a murderer.” Mycroft says and turns away and looks out of the window again.

A couple days later, Mycroft, Sherlock, and I were at an airfield. We were waiting for John and Mary to show up. I was hugging Sherlock and crying. He had his arms around me. A black car drives along the runway towards us. Mary gets out of the rear door nearest us and John from the other. Smiling, Mary walks towards us, John following behind.

“You will look after him for me, won’t you? Both of you?” Sherlock asks Mary and me.

“Oh…” Mary says and puts a hand on his shoulders. I move back. They kiss each other’s cheek and then hug. “…don’t worry. We’ll keep him in trouble.” He smiles as she releases him and pulls back.

“That’s my girls.” Sherlock says.

She turns and walks back to where John has stopped a few paces away. I hug Sherlock again. John nods to us in greeting and Sherlock turns to Mycroft. “Since this is likely to be the last conversation I’ll have with John and Calliah…” John sighs painfully. “…would you mind if we took a moment?” Mycroft looks a little startled, but then glances over to the security man, who was standing by us, and jerks his head towards the side of the plane. The security man, Mycroft and Mary walk along the side of the jet towards the wing and Sherlock turns to John, who smiles at us and nods.

“So, here we are.” John says. He looks vaguely around at the airfield and clears his throat. He steps closer.

“William Sherlock Scott Holmes.” Sherlock says to us.

“Sorry?” John asks.

“That’s the whole of it – if you’re looking for baby names.” He tells us.

I start laughing while crying. John chuckles. “No, we’ve had a scan. We’re pretty sure it’s a girl.”

“Oh.” Sherlock says and smiles. “Okay. Calliah, you can use it.”

“O-Okay.” I say and try to stop crying.

John turns and looks across the airfield. “Yeah.” He finally turn towards us again. “Actually, I can’t think of a single thing to say.”

Sherlock looks down at me. “No, neither can I.” He lifts his head as John steps closer.

“The game is over.” John says quietly.

Sherlock meets John’s eyes. “The game is never over, John.” He says firmly. “But there may be some new players now. It’s okay. The East Wing takes us all in the end” He says softly.

I start crying harder and Sherlock places a kiss on my head. “What’s that?” John asks.

“It’s a story my brother told me when we were kids. The East Wind – this terrifying force that lays waste to all in its path.” Sherlock says. He sniffs, looking into the distance. “It seeks out the unworthy ...” He meets John’s eyes. “... and plucks them from the Earth. That was generally me.”

I frown and hug him. “Nice.” John says sarcastically.

“He was a rubbish big brother but he will be a great dad.” He says and kisses my head again. We all smile, then John looks down, clearing his throat.

“So what about you, then?” John asks. He lifts his head. “Where are you actually going now?”

“Oh, some undercover work in Eastern Europe.” Sherlock says, sounding bored.

“For how long?” John asks.

“Six months, my brother estimates. He’s never wrong.” Sherlock says.

“And then what?” John asks.

I start crying more. Sherlock meets John’s gaze and then turns away to look across the airfield again, breathing in deeply. Sherlock looks directly at him until he turns back, then looks down again. “John, there’s something ... I should say; I-I’ve meant to say always and then never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.” He hesitates for a long time, then draws in a deep breath and raises his eyes to John’s. “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name.” I start laughing softly.

John turns away, giggling almost silently. Sherlock smiles at him. John turns back, still smiling. “It’s not.”

Sherlock shrugs. “It was worth a try.”

“We’re not naming our daughter after you.” John says.

“I might if I have a girl.” I say.

Sherlock smiles at me and kisses my head. He looks back at John. “I think it could work.” John chuckles, then meets his eyes. Sherlock holds his gaze for a second, then lowers his eyes. After a moment he takes off his right glove and holds out his hand. “To the very best of times, John.” John hesitates for a long while, then he finally takes Sherlock’s hand and shakes it. They stand there for a couple of seconds, then Sherlock gives John’s hand one more small pump before releasing it. Sherlock moves me away and looks at me. I look up at him.

“Sherlock…” I say softly. “You are the best brother ever. I love you. I… I’m going to tell baby Holmes about you so much.” He smiles softly and hugs me again, tightly. “I’m going to miss you so much.” I say softly.

“I’ll miss you too flower.” He says. He kisses my head one more time and turns away, putting his glove back on as he walks away. I go to John and he wraps his arms around me as we watch him walk along the side of the plane to the steps and get on board.

Shortly afterward the plane taxies along the runway. Sherlock sits inside looking out of one of the right-hand windows. Mary and John stand by the car, holding hands and watching from the left-hand side of the plane as it lifts into the sky. I go by Mycroft and he holds me.

Mycroft gets a phone call and his eyes widen. He looks at me. “But that’s not possible. That is simply not possible.” He looks at John and Mary. He frowns at them.

John releases Mary’s hand and walks towards us. “What’s happened?”

Mycroft moves us into the car and on the small TV is Jim Moriarty. He was facing the camera and smiling. To the left of his mouth was the message:

Miss me?

Mycroft calls Sherlock. “Hello, little brother. How is the exile going?” Mycroft asks. He smiles. “Well, I certainly hope you’ve learned your lesson. As it turns out, you’re needed.”

The TV starts saying “Did you miss me? Did you miss me?” in a high pitched voice. I frown and move into Mycroft’s arms. “England.”

Mary looks at John. “But he’s dead. I mean, you told me he was dead, Moriarty.” Mary said.

“Absolutely. He blew his own brains out.” John says.

“So how can he be back?” Mary asks.

John turns and looks to his right. “Well, if he is… he’d better wrap up warm.” Mary turns to follow his gaze. “There’s an East Wind coming.” We look out the window to see Sherlock’s plane come in to land. 

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