Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


38. Chapter 38

Thank you Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan on livejournal for the transcripts. They help so much.

Here is the last part of The Sign of Three

I own nothing, except Calliah and my ideas.

I was walking around looking at the place. I see Sherlock and Janine waltzing alone. I smile and watch them.

“One, two, three: der, der, der… Ahh, pretty good.” Sherlock says.

“Ooh!” Janine says. They stop dancing.

Sherlock releasing her. “Just… hold your nerve on your turning.” Sherlock says.

Janine adjusts the top of her strapless bridesmaid’s dress. “Why do we have to rehearse?”

Sherlock leans in and speaks confidentially. “Because we are about to dance together in public, and your skills are appalling!” He smiles at her and she laughs.

“Well, you’re a good teacher.” Janine says.

“Mmm.” Sherlock says.

“And you’re a brilliant dancer.” Janine says.

Sherlock leans towards Janine again. “I’ll let you in on something, Janine.” He says quietly.

“Go on, then.” Janine says whispering.

“I love dancing. I’ve always loved it.” Sherlock says.

“Seriously?” Janine asks.

“Watch out” Sherlock says. He looks around and see me.

I smile. “Keep going. Ignore me.”

“Never.” Sherlock says. I smiles at him. He swings both of his arms to the left, takes a sharp breath, rises onto his left foot and does a full-circle pirouette.

“Ooh! Woah!” Janine says. I clap my hands.

Sherlock clears his throat. “Never really comes up in crime work but, um, you know, I live in hope of the right case.”

Janine sighs wistfully. “I wish you weren’t…” Sherlock turns and looks at her. “…whatever it is you are.”

“I know.” Sherlock says.

John walks into view and spots up. He walks over. “Well, glad to see you’ve pulled, Sherlock, what with murderers running riot at my wedding.” He claps his hand on Sherlock’s back.

“One murder… - one nearly murderer.” Sherlock says. He looks to Janine. “Love to exaggerate. You should try living with him.”

“It’s amusing living with both of you.” I say. Sherlock rolls his eyes at me.

The entrance door opens and Greg comes in. “Sherlock?” He points back out the door. “Got him for you.”

Sherlock claps his hands together as the wedding photographer walks in. “Ah, the photographer. Excellent!” He looks at Greg. “Thank you.” He walks over to the photographer and points at the camera he’s holding. “Er, may I look at your camera?”

“Er…” The photographer says. He pulls his camera back nervously but then holds it out to him. “…what’s this about? I was halfway home!”

Sherlock takes the camera. “You should have driven faster.” I go over and look at the camera with Sherlock. “Ah, yes. Yes, very good. There, you see Calliah?” He looks at me.

“I think I do.” I say.

“I know you do.” He says.

“What is it? You gonna tell us?” Greg asks.

Sherlock hands the camera to Greg. “Try looking yourself.”

John walks over to Greg’s side. “Um, look for what?” Sherlock strolls closer to the photographer. John points at the camera. “Is the murderer in these photograph?”

Sherlock looks at me. “Um, It’s not what’s in the photographs… it’s what’s not in them.” I says and look at Sherlock. He nods. I grin.

“The other people in the room need some clarifying.” John says.

“There is always a man at a wedding who is not in any photograph but can go anywhere, and even carry an equipment bag around with him if he likes, and you never even see his face.” Sherlock says and walks closer to the photographer and looks down towards his hand. “You only ever see ...” He rapidly slaps one cuff of a pair of handcuffs around the photographer’s wrist and the other cuff around the frame of a nearby birdcage luggage trolley. “…the camera.”

“What are you doing? What is this?” The photographer asks.

Sherlock holds up his phone to show the screen to the others. “Jonathan Small, today’s substitute wedding photographer – known to us as the Mayfly Man. His brother was one of the raw recruits killed in that incursion. Jonny sought revenge on Sholto, worked his way through Sholto’s staff, found what he needed an invitation to a wedding – the one time Sholto would have to be out in public. So, he made his plan and rehearsed the murder making sure of every last detail.” Sherlock explains. “Brilliant, ruthless, almost certainly a monomaniac – though, in fairness, his photographs are actually quite good.” I giggle as Sherlock tosses his phone to Greg. “Everything you need’s on that. You probably ought to… arrest him or something.”

Mary comes into view, apparently looking for John. She spots him, smiles and hurries towards him. Janine, standing beside Sherlock, leans closer and speaks quietly without looking at him. “Do you always carry handcuffs?” Janine asks.

“Down, girl.” Sherlock says. I giggle.

Mary holds her hand to John. “Come on, quick!” She reaches his side and John puts his arm around her as she turns and sees Small nearby. He is looking at Sherlock fixedly.

“It’s not me you should be arresting, Mr. Holmes.” Small says.

“Oh, I don’t do the arresting.” Sherlock says and nods towards Greg. “I just farm that out.”

“Sholto – he’s the killer, not me. I should have killed him quicker.” Small says. He grins manically, then his smile fades and he shakes his head. “I shouldn’t have tried to be clever.”

“You should have driven faster.” Sherlock says softly. He takes his hands from behind his back and crooks one arm to Janine. She takes it and he offers me the other arm. I take it and we walk away. John and Mary follow them.

In the reception room, the tables have been cleared away. Looking into each other’s eyes, Mary and John are dancing a slow waltz in the middle of the room to the sound of a single violin while all the guests stand around the edge of the room and watch them. On a low stage at the end of the room Sherlock is playing his violin. The tune is the same one I heard this morning. He sways gently while he plays, his eyes fixed on the newlyweds. As the tune draws to an end, John shifts one hand to Mary’s back, holds her by the waist with the other and starts to dip her backwards. Mary gasps. “Really?!” Mary asks. Chuckling, he bends her back as she giggles. He kisses her as the tune ends. The guests break into applause and some of them cheer. Everyone is looking at the happy couple except me and Janine, who directs her applause towards Sherlock. She whoops at him. I grin and look at Mycroft.

“Will she be good for him?” I ask him.

“Only time will tell.” He says. I nods.

“Yeah!” Janine says. Sherlock looks at her for a moment, then turns to the music stand in front of him. He had taken off his buttonhole flower and put it on the stand so that it wouldn’t get in the way while he was playing and now he picks it up, shows her what he’s holding and then tosses it across the room towards her. She catches it. I grin and look around. John – who has pulled Mary upright again and is laughing happily – waves his thanks to Sherlock, then kisses Mary again as Sherlock steps to the nearby microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just, er, one last thing before the evening begins properly. Apologies for earlier. A crisis arose and was dealt with.” Sherlock says. He draws in a breath. “More importantly, however, today we saw two people make vows. I’ve never made a vow in my life, and after tonight I never will again. So, here in front of you all, my first and last vow. Mary and John: whatever it takes, whatever happens, from now on I swear I will always be there, always, for all three of you.” He hesitates momentarily, then stutters.  “Er, I’m sorry, I mean, I mean two of you. All two of you. Both of you, in fact. I’ve just miscounted.” He takes a sharp breath. John and Mary exchange a slightly worried look. I look at Mycroft and giggle. Mary was pregnant. “Anyway, it’s time for dancing.” Over his shoulder to the DJ on the stage. “Play the music again, please, thank you.” Disco lights begin to flash and Sherlock gestures grandly to the guests as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons’ song “December, 1963 (Oh What A Night)” starts to play. “Okay, everybody, just dance. Don’t be shy!” He walks down off the stage, still gesturing to the crowd. “Dancing, please!” The guests start to move onto the floor and begin to dance. I shake my head. “Very good.” I watch Sherlock talking with John and Mary. They seem like they were in a deep discussion. Probably about Mary. After a little they start laughing. Mary reaches out to touch Sherlock’s arm. Mary turns to John. They start waltzing. Looking over John’s shoulder, Mary smiles at Sherlock and mouths what may be a ‘thank you’. He smiles, then nods to her. As his friends dance away, he lowers his eyes, then slowly turns and looks at everybody dancing all around him, keeping his head lowered as if trying not to meet anyone’s eyes. He looks very lost and alone in the middle of the crowd. After a few moments, however, he seems to have a thought and lifts his head, still looking around but now with more intent. Eventually he sees Janine dancing some distance away. She is wearing his buttonhole flower pinned to the top of her dress. She looks across the room and smiles at him. Returning her smile he starts to walk towards her and she lifts her hand and points to her right with her thumb up, grinning happily. Sherlock stops as he realizes that she’s dancing with the “comics and sci-fi geek” he had recommended to her earlier. She turns away and continues to dance with her new friend. Sherlock looks reflective for a few seconds, then turns towards the stage. Sherlock puts something into an envelope and then leaves the stage, he walks slowly through the guests. Molly, dancing with Tom and Mrs. Hudson, looks across the room and watches him for a few seconds, then turns back to the others. I frown and look up at Mycroft.

“I’ll be back.” I tell him and rush after Sherlock. I grab his wrist. “Sherlock.”

He stops and turns back. He looked a little tearful. “He’s going to have a baby…”

I nod and hugs him. He hugs back and sighs. “I know Sherlock. I know.” I pull back and smile softly. “That doesn’t mean anything. He will still be around, right? He promised.”

“You weren’t.” Sherlock says.

I sigh. “I had problems. Mycroft was being a dick.”

“Yeah, but now that he is back, you will still be gone.” Sherlock says.

“No way. I’m going to need you to get all better. I need my brother.” I say. “And Mycroft still has to work. I can come over and bug you.”

“What about your work?” Sherlock asks.

“Well… before the wedding, I talked to Mycroft.” I say and smile. “I want to write. I want to be an author.”

“I bet you would be a great author.” Sherlock says.

“Well, Mycroft has agreed and since only one of us really needs to be working, I’m going to go back to school to become an author.” I tell him.

“That is great flower.” He says.

I grin. “Thanks. It will be a lot of work. Do you know where I could get a smart person to help me?”

“Hmm…” He pretends to think. “I think I have your guy.” He says and smiles.

I grin. “Good. Now, you are coming back inside with me.” I start to pull him inside.

He stops me. “No. I can’t. No one to dance with.” He says.

“Dance with Molly.” I say and grin.

“She has that Tom person.” He says and grimaces.

“She is going to dump him. Trust me. Let me talk to her and she will dance with you.” I say.

He sighs and nods. “Okay.”

We go back inside. I go back to Mycroft. “Stay with Sherlock.” I tell Mycroft. He nods. I rush over to Molly and pull her to the side. “Dance with Sherlock. We both know you are going to break it off with Tom so do yourself a favor and dance with him.”

“He won’t want to dance with me.” She says softly and looks down.

“I know he does and it is the only reason he came back inside.” I tell her.

She looks up and grins. “Really?”

I nod and we start walking towards the Holmes boys. She stops by Tom and tells him it was over. He frowned and left. She looks at me and I shrug. She laughs as I pull her to the boys. “Sherlock, your dance partner is here.”

“Molly Hooper. Would you like to dance?” Sherlock ask. She giggles and nods. He takes her hand and they go to the dance floor.

“Would you want to dance?” Mycroft asks me.

I look at him and smile. “We both know you don’t want to and I’m not going to make you.” He smiles at me. I lean on him and face forward. He wraps his arms around me and rests his head on my head. 

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