Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


3. Chapter 3

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Calliah and Molly head off to the bar after work. "Okay Calliah. You said you would tell me what happened after work. It is after work." Molly says as they sit down with their drinks.

I sigh and take a sip. "I am moving in with Sherlock and this other guy." Molly goes to say something, but I hold my hand up. I knew I needed to get it all out or I wouldn't finish. "I go into the lab and Sherlock is with two other men. I go in and hand Sherlock his coffee and go to leave. He stops me and starts asking if the violin would bother me or one of the men, who I found out is John. John asked why does it matter and Sherlock said that flatmates should know the worst about each other and then he started to leave. John asked him who said anything about flatmates and Sherlock said I did. John complained that he didn't know who we were or where we were meeting. Sherlock told John some of his life and then he told me some of mine. He got everything right. I don't know how he did it but he did. Sherlock continued and told him his name and the flat number and left. John looked at me and asked me my name and then if I was going to go and then I left after telling him." I finish.

Molly looks at me. "Yeah. He deduces people all the time. He did it to me the first time we met. Are you going to move in?"

I sigh. "I don't know. I need the place. I can't keep living in my flat."

She nods and chugs her drink. I do the same and sigh. "I need to get home."

"Okay. I will be here. If you need me, call me." Molly says and orders another drink.

I nod and pay for my one drink and leave. I know Molly was mad. She liked Sherlock and I was going to be living with her crush. I knew she was worried that I would fall for him, but after finding out that Sherlock was the boy in the library, there was no chance in hell I would fall for or even like Sherlock. I get to my house and lay on my bed. Would I move in with the boys? I could at least check it out after work. I fall asleep thinking about the day.

I get up the next day is just like usual, get up, get dressed, grab a banana, and go to work. After work, I said goodbye to Molly and started walking to 221B Baker Street. I see John knocking on the door as Sherlock gets out of a cab. I run up so I can hear what they are talking about. "Hello." I hear Sherlock say. He reaches in and pays the cab driver. "Thank you." He turns back to us.

John turns and walks over to him. I stay back. "Ah, Mr. Holmes."

"Sherlock, please." Sherlock says and they shake hands. He turns to me. "Miss. Mullen."

I nod at them and wrap my arms around myself.

John looks up at the building. "Well, this is a prime spot. Must be expensive." I nod in agreement.

"Oh, Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, she's giving me a special deal. Owes me a favour. A few years back, her husband got himself sentenced to death in Florida. I was able to help out." Sherlock explains.

"Sorry, you stopped her husband being executed?" John asked.

"Oh no. I ensured it." Sherlock said smugly. He smiles at John as the front door opens. An older woman comes out and opens her arms to Sherlock.

"Sherlock, hello." The woman says.

Sherlock walks into her arms, hugging her briefly, then steps back and presents John and me to her. "Mrs. Hudson, Doctor John Watson and Miss Calliah Mullen."

"Hello." Mrs. Hudson says to us.

"How do?" John asks.

I wave my hand a little without unfolding my arms.

Mrs. Hudson gestures us inside. "Come in."

"Thank you." John says.

"Shall we?" Sherlock asks.

"Yeah." Mrs. Hudson says.

We all go inside and Mrs. Hudson closes the door. Sherlock trots up the stairs to the first floor and waits for us. I let John go before me. He hobbles up the stairs and I follow. As we reach the top of the stairs, Sherlock opens the door ahead of us and walks in. We follow into the living room of the flat. We look around and see cluder all around and boxes scattered around it.

"Well, this could be very nice. Very nice indeed." John says and looks at me. I nod. I still wasn't comfortable with the two men.

"Yes. Yes, I think so. My thoughts precisely." He looks around happily.

"Soon as we get all this rubbish cleaned out…" John says as Sherlock says "So I went straight ahead and moved in." "Oh." John says and he realizes what Sherlock was saying. I bust up laughing. John looks at me. "So this is all…"

"Well, obviously I can, um, straighten things up a bit." Sherlock says and walks across the room. He makes a half-hearted attempt to tidy up a little. He throw a couple of folders into a box and then takes some apparent unopened envelopes across to the fireplace where he put them onto the mantelpiece and then stabs a multi tool knife into them.

"That's a skull." John says. I look over and see he is pointing his cane at the mantelpiece.

"Friend of mine. When I say 'friend'…" Sherlock says and shrugs.

Mrs. Hudson picks up a cup and saucer as Sherlock takes off his coat and scarf. "What do you think, then, Doctor Watson and Miss Mullen? There's another bedroom upstairs and one down here if you'll be needing three bedrooms." Mrs. Hudson says looking at John and I and then Sherlock. I laugh. She thought John was gay.

"Of course we'll be needing three." John says and frowns. "Unless Sherlock and Calliah want to share."

"No!" I yell out. All three of them turn and look at me. I blush and look down. "Um no. We will want the three." I say softly.

"Oh don't worry; there's all sorts around here." She tells John and places a hand on my arm. "Mrs. Turner next door's got married ones." She continues in a whisper. John looks at Sherlock to see if he would say anything but Sherlock appears oblivious to what is being insinuated. I cover my laugh with a cough and look around. I look back to see Mrs. Hudson walking across to the kitchen. She turns back and frowns at Sherlock. "Oh Sherlock. The mess you've made." She goes into the kitchen and starts tidying up.

John walks to one of the two armchairs and drops into it. He looks across to Sherlock who is tidying up a little. "I looked you up on the internet last night."

Sherlock turns to him. "Anything interesting?"

"Found your website, The Science of Deduction." John says.

I go and sit down on the couch. Sherlock smiles at John. "What did you think?"

John throws him a 'you have got to be kidding me' type of look. Sherlock looks hurt. "You said you could identify a software designer by his tie and an airline pilot by his left thumb."

"Yes; and I can read you military career in your face and your leg, and your brother's drinking habits in you mobile phone. I can tell that Miss Mullen is depressed by the way she holds herself and her clothes." Sherlock says and looks at us both.

"How?" John asks the question I was thinking.

Sherlock smiles and turns away. Mrs. Hudson comes out of the kitchen, holding a newspaper. "What about these suicides then, Sherlock? I thought that'd be right up you street. Three exactly the same."

Sherlock walks over to the window of the living room. "Four."

"A fourth?" Mrs. Hudson asks.

A man comes in the room and looks at Sherlock. "Where?" Sherlock asks.

"Brixton, Lauriston Gardens." The man tells him.

"What's new about this one? You wouldn't have come to get me if there wasn't something different." Sherlock says.

"You know how they never leave notes?" The man asks.

"Yeah." Sherlock says and looks at me. I look down and play with my fingers.

"This one did. Will you come?" The man asks.

"Who's on forensics?" Sherlock asks.

"It's Anderson." The man says.

I look up and see that Sherlock is looking back at the man and grimace. "Anderson won't work with me."

"Well, he won't be you assistant." The man says. I look at the man. He is average height and weight. Looks around to be 40 or late 30's. He has salt and pepper hair. He looked stressed.

"I need an assistant." Sherlock says like he was whining.

"Will you come?" The man asks.

"Not in a police car. I'll be right behind." Sherlock say and looks back at the window.

"Thank you." The man says and then looks at John, Mrs. Hudson, and then me. He smiles and leaves.

Sherlock waits a little and then leaps into the air and clenches his fists triumphantly before twirling around the room happily. I laugh at how he looked. He winks at me and looks around. "Brilliant! Yes! Ah, four serial suicides, and now a note! Oh, it's Christmas!" He picks up his scarf and coat and puts them on as he heads for the kitchen. "Mrs. Hudson, I'll be late. Might need some food."

"I'm your landlady, dear, not your housekeeper." Mrs. Hudson says and smiles.

"Something cold will do. John, Calliah, have a cup of tea, make yourself at home. Don't wait up!" He grabs a small leather pouch from the table and leaves.

"Look at him, dashing about! My husband was just the same." Mrs. Hudson says. I look at John and see him grimaces at what Mrs. Hudson was implying. I laugh. "But you two are more the sitting-down type, I can tell." John and I look uncomfortable. I knew that I was the sitting down type but I didn't need Mrs. Hudson reminding me. "I'll make you two that cuppa. You rest your leg Doctor Watson."

"Damn my leg!" He yells. I screech and jump. He is immediately apologetic as Mrs. Hudson turns back to him in shock. "Sorry. I'm so sorry. It's just sometimes this bloody thing.." He bashes his leg with his cane. I look down and try to make myself smaller.

"I understand, dear; I've got a hip." Mrs. Hudson says and turns towards the door again.

"Cup of tea'd be lovely, thank you." John says and smiles softly at me. I look up and smile softly back.

"Just this once, dears. I'm not your housekeeper." Mrs. Hudson says and goes down to her flat.

"Couple of biscuits too, if you've got 'em." John calls down the stairs.

"Not your housekeeper!" Mrs. Hudson says.

John picks up the newspaper and starts reading. Sherlock comes back in and looks at John. "You're a doctor. In fact you're an Army doctor." He says to John.

"Yes." John says and gets up. He turns towards Sherlock as Sherlock comes back into the room.

"Any good?" Sherlock asks.

"Very good." John says.

"Seen a lot of injuries, then; violent deaths." Sherlock says.

"Mmm, yes." John continues.

"Bit of trouble too, I bet." Sherlock says.

"Of course, yes. Enough for a lifetime. Far too much." John says softly.

"Wanna see some more?" Sherlock asks and smiles.

"Oh God, yes." John says fervently. Sherlock turns around and looks at me. He grabs my hand and leads me out of the room and down the stairs. "Sorry, Mrs. Hudson, We'll skip the tea. Off out." I hear John call out to Mrs. Hudson. I frown.

"I don't want to go!" I call out and try to get out of Sherlock's grasp.

Mrs. Hudson comes out. "All three of you?"

"Impossible suicides? Four of them? There's no point sitting at home when there's finally something fun going on!" Sherlock says and kisses Mrs. Hudson on the cheek.

She laughs and smiles. "Look at you, all happy. It's not decent." She says.

Sherlock turns to her. "Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!" He turns and walk out, still dragging me behind him.

Okay all. So John and Calliah are moving in. Next chapter will be up soon.

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