Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


25. Chapter 25

Thank you Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan on livejournal for the transcripts. They help so much.

Here is the last part of Hounds in Baskerville

I own nothing, except Calliah

Stapleton leads us to Major Barrymore's office. As we go into the room, Sherlock points to the door they just came through. "John."

"Yeah, I'm on it." John says. He turns back to keep an eye on the door while Stapleton goes over to sit down at a computer.

"Project HOUND. Must have read about it and stored it away. An experiment in a CIA facility in Liberty, Indiana." Sherlock says and stands behind Stapleton. I sit down and bring my knees to my chest. Sherlock knew. How did he know this but never figured out that I was dating Mycroft? Probably because this was physical and that was emotional, but still. I sigh and look at Sherlock. Would he tell John? Would he tell Mycroft? Shit. Mycroft would be so mad. He was doing good with his problem and I wasn't. He would probably break up with me. Oh, God. He was going to break up with me. Oh, God. I start to breath heavily and close my eyes. I was going to end up alone. John and Sherlock would kick me out so they won't have to deal with a crazy person. Mycroft was going to break up with me and I would have to move into my sister's house, which was technically mine now, but I don't want to live there. I would be alone. All alone. I start rocking and breathing even harder. I feel hands on my arms and I jump and look up. I see Sherlock kneeling in front of me. "Calliah. Breathe in and out slowly." He says softly. I nod and breathe slowly. I see John and Stapleton looking at me worried and I frown. They would pity me. I hate pity. I close my eyes and start to breathe heavy again. "Calliah… Please open your eyes." Sherlock pleads with me. I slowly open my eyes. "Good. Now listen to me and only look at me. Okay?" I nod. "Good. Now breathe in and out. Can you do that slowly?" I nod and slow down my breathing. "Good. You are doing good. Now, do you want me to call Mycroft?" I shake my head and start breathing heavy again. "Okay. Okay. I won't call him. Calm the breathing again please." I nod and slow my breathing. "Good. Look at me in the eye." I look at him. "I won't tell anyone." He says softly so no one else hears. "I swear I won't. It is your secret but I want to talk about why after this case okay? Please do that for me." He says and frowns. I nod. "Okay good." He holds out his hand and I take it. He wraps an arm around me and looks at John. "She is fine. Just a little panic attack."

John nods as his phone starts ringing. He digs out his phone and frowns at it. He answers it. "Hello? Who's this?" He looks at Sherlock. "It's Louise Mortimer." He tells us. "Louis, what's wrong?" He asks into the phone. "What? Where- where are you? Right: stay there. We'll get someone to you, okay?" He hangs up and starts to text.

"Henry?" Sherlock asks.

"He's attacked her." John explains.

"Gone?" Sherlock asks.

"Mmm." John says.

Sherlock gets his phone out and hits a speed dial. "There's only one place he'll go to: back to where it all started." He tells us. "Lestrade. Get to the Hollow… Dewer's Hollow, now. And bring a gun." Sherlock says into the phone and hangs up. "Calliah, I want you to go back to the Inn. Please." I open my mouth to complain. "Mycroft will kill me if I let you go. Henry is not safe and has a gun. Go. Now!" He yells and runs off. John looks at me and smiles, and then follows Sherlock. I sigh and nod.

"Off to wait…" I say and head towards the exit.

Couple of hours later, Sherlock and John get to the room. "What happened? Are you two okay?" I ask and stand up.

"We're fine. It was Frankland. He put the drugs in pressure pads in the Hallow. Frankland killed Henry's father. Little Henry just put things together wrong." John explains.

"Did Greg take Frankland to jail or whatever?" I ask.

"No. Frankland ran into the mind field and was… yeah." John says.

I frown. "That sucks."

"It was a normal dog we all saw and heard. The owners had a dog and just couldn't put it down, so they let it run free." John says. I nod and look over. I see that Sherlock was asleep.

"You can sleep on my bed. I'm not tired." I tell John and go and sit on the couch.

"No, you take the bed." John tries to say. I can see that he is tired and won't put up much fight.

"I won't sleep on it. If you don't take it then I will sleep on the floor." I tell him.

He sighs and nods. "Okay. I will take the bed. Try and get some sleep though." He tells me.

I nod. "I will. I'm going to get a pint to see if I can get tired. Maybe read a book." I tell John and I see him nod and he falls asleep. I creep out of the room and go downstairs. I see Greg and go over to him. "Hey Greg. Can't sleep?"

"No. Just thinking." Greg says.

"About what?" I ask.

"Life. That Henry guy. He believed that he was crazy for most of his life. I would hate to feel like that. It would be a horrible way to live." Greg says and picks up his pint and drinks it.

"Yeah. I'm going to go read. See you soon?" I ask.

"Sure thing." He says.

I go over to a corner and sit in a chair. I bring my knees to my chest and pull out my phone. I needed to call Mycroft. I sigh and press the speed dial for him.

"Hello." He says.

"Croft." I say softly. "I'm sorry." I say and start crying.

"What's wrong Ardaigh?" He asks.

"I did it. I cut." I say softly.

I hear him sigh. "Why honey?" He asks.

"I just… I had that voice in my head. It was the only way to stop it. I needed to stop it." I say and try to control my crying.

"You should have called me Ardaigh. I would have talked you through it." He says.

"I'm sorry." I say and closes my eyes.

"It's okay. Just talk to me. You have to talk to me or we do things we regret." He says softly.

"I know love… I'm sorry. Please don't break up with me." I say softly.

"I would never. I swear. We will work through this together." He says.

"Okay Croft." I say softly.

"Go get some sleep. When will you be home?" He asks.

"Tomorrow." I tell him.

"I'll have a car waiting. Just text me when you are five minutes away. I want to see you." He says.

"Okay. I'll see you then." I say.

"I love you." Mycroft says softly.

"Love you too." I say and then hang up. I sigh and go back up to the room and fall asleep.

John wakes me up the next morning and we go down to the dinner. John and I are sitting outside. One of the owners comes out with a vegetarian full breakfast for John and a couple eggs for me. "Mmm. Thanks, Billy." John says.

"Thanks." I say softly.

"What was the panic attack about yesterday, if you don't mind?" John asks.

I sigh and put my fork down. "I cut." I say softly.

John looks up and frowns. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

I smiles softly and shake my head. "You should know. Mycroft knows and se does Sherlock. You three are my boys and you deserve to know the whole story." Sherlock comes over and hands us all mugs of coffee. "Good, you're here. Now I don't have to say this twice." I take a mug and sip it. "My sister was my best friend until we found out my dad wasn't my dad. Then she got very… violent. That whipping she gave us was nothing compared to what I use to get. She would tell me that I was worthless, useless, and a nobody all the time. When we passed in the hall, while she was whipping me, really any chance she got. She would say such horrible things to me and soon I believed her. That is why I wore those big sweat shirts and pants all the time. I didn't care what others thought because I didn't care about myself. When my sister kicked me out, some of the other homeless girls told me that they cut to get rid of their voices and I tried it. It worked and I really have never stopped. It helped when I hear that little voice tell me things like my sister use to. Mycroft has helped me but it gets to me." I say and poke at my eggs.

"Wow. Calliah. I am so sorry for what you had to deal with." John says and comes over to me and hugs me. I laugh softly and hug back.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I look over at Sherlock. "If you need to talk, ever, come to John or I. Please." He says.

I nod. "I will."

John goes back to the other side of the table and starts eating his breakfast. "So, what happened to me in the lab?"

"What lab?" I ask.

"I saw the dog in the lab." John tells me.

"Oh, okay." I say and start eating.

John sighs and looks at Sherlock. "Okay fine but I hadn't been to the Hallow, so how come I heard those things in there? Fear and stimulus, you said."

Sherlock looks down at my food and steals a bite. "You must have been dosed with it elsewhere, when you went to the lab, maybe. You saw those pipes – pretty ancient, leaky as a sieve; and they were carrying the gas, so ... um, can I eat the rest?" I nod and he takes my plate.

"Hang on: you thought it was in the sugar." John says. Sherlock stares at John. "You were convinced it was in the sugar."

Sherlock looks away. "Better get going." Sherlock looks at his watch. "There's a train that leaves in half and hour, so if you want…"

John turns his head. "Oh God. It was you. You locked me in that bloody lab."

I look at Sherlock and laugh. He glares at me and looks at John. "I had to. It was an experiment."

"An experiment?!" John asks furiously.

Sherlock looks at the people around us. "Shhh."

"I was terrified, Sherlock. I was scared to death." John says quieter, but still furious.

"I thought that the drug was in the sugar, so I put the sugar in your coffee, then I arranged everything with Major Barrymore." John sighs in exasperation. "It was all totally scientific, laboratory conditions – well, literally." Sherlock explains what he did. "Well, I knew what effect it had had on a superior mind, so I needed to try it on an average one." John looks up from his plate. "You know what I mean."

John goes back to eating. "But it wasn't in the sugar."

"No, well, I wasn't to know you'd already been exposed to the gas." Sherlock says.

"So you got it wrong." John says.

"No." Sherlock says.

"Mmm. You were wrong. It wasn't in the sugar. You got it wrong." John says.

"A bit. It won't happen again." Sherlock says.

John sighs and continues eating. "Any long-term effects?"

"None at all. You'll be fine once you've excreted it. We all will. Calliah is already off it." Sherlock says. I look up and smile. Sherlock looks around. He gets up.

"Where're you going?" John asks.

"Won't be a minute. Gotta see a man about a dog." Sherlock says and smiles down at us. He turns and walks away.

We get home later and a car is waiting for me. "Okay, boys. I will talk you later. I have to go see my man." I say and walk to the car.

"Don't call my brother your man." I hear Sherlock say and I look back to see him shutter.

I laugh and get into the car and see 'Athea'. "Hey 'Anthea'. Where is Mycroft?"

"He was away and told me to pick you up." 'Anthea' explains. I nod and close my eyes as we head to Mycroft's house. I go inside and change into my pajamas and go to the living room. I sit and start watching TV to past the time. After fours hours of waiting, the front door opens and Mycroft walks in.

"Croft." I say and smile. He looks over and smiles softly. "What's wrong?" I ask and walk over.

"I messed up Ardaigh." He says and frowns.


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