Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


20. Chapter 20

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The next morning, I wake up in Mycroft’s bed. We didn’t do anything but sleep. It was nice being in his room. He trusted me and I liked that. I look over at Mycroft and see that he was still sleeping. I look at the ring and smile. It was had a heart in the middle and in the heart was three diamonds. On each side of the heart was a branch look with small diamonds in the leaves. I grin at it and smile. How lucky was I. I slowly frown as I remember what else happened yesterday. My sister was dead. I move to my side and curl up. She was not the best, but she was the last family I had. I start to cry and close my eyes. I suddenly feel arms around me. I push them off and cry harder.

“Shh. It’s okay.” I hear softly. I ignore him and curl up tighter. I hear him sigh and get up. I knew he was going to be telling his cook and ‘Anthea’ that today would be a bad one for me and to watch me closely. I just keep crying. I felt like a weight was dropped onto my stomach and I start shaking. I couldn’t breathe. I start to gasp when Mycroft comes into the room. He rushes over and kneels by the bed and looks me in the eyes. “Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on my words.” He says softly. I do it and start to calm down. I finally stop crying and just look at the wall, not moving. “Calliah? Do you wanna watch the next Harry Potter movie?” I hear. I don’t respond. I didn’t want to do anything. I was going to have to bury my sister. I start crying again. Mycroft sighs and gets onto the bed and holds me. I let him this time.

After a while of just laying there, I curled up and Mycroft holding me, I uncurl myself and turn around. “Why?” I ask softly.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry that this happened.” He says softly.

“I have no family.” I say softly.

“That is a lie.” He says. I look up at him confused. “You have me. You have Miss Hooper. You have my brother. You have Doctor Watson. You have Lestrade. You have Mrs. Hudson. You have ‘Anthea’, even if you don’t know her real name.” I laugh slightly. “You even have my parents who haven’t even met you. So many people love you and are your family. You will never be alone again Ardaigh. I will never let you be alone. I promise you that.”

I smile and hug him. “Thank you Croft.”

“Any time. Do you wanna head home yet?” He asks.

I sigh. “I should.”

“You don’t have to.” Mycroft says.

“I know. I need to make sure Sherlock is okay and John is probably half-crazy.” I say.

“John can handle Sherlock.” Mycroft says.

I laugh and nod. “I know he can. You know you could come over with me.” I say.

Mycroft laughs. “Yeah, Sherlock would love that.”

“I don’t care if he would or not. He knows about us.” I say.

“Oh, yes. Sherlock knows. He is going to tell mummy and dad.” Mycroft says.

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask.

“No, I just wanted to tell them.” Mycroft says.

“Well, Sherlock probably has other things on his mind.” I tell him. He nods and smiles.

“I enjoyed having you stay over.” He tells me.

“I enjoy staying over.” I say.

He leans down and kisses me softly. I kiss back and wrap my arms around him. He deepens the kiss and then pulls back. I giggle and sit up. “Okay, time for me to get ready to go.” I say and stand up.

“Or you could lie back down and we can do some more of that.” Mycroft says nonchalantly.

“Why, Mr. Holmes, are you trying to bribe me to come back to bed?” I ask.

“Oh course Miss Mullen.” He says and smirks.

I laugh and shake my head. “You are too cute.”

He scoffs. “Cute. Mycroft Holmes is not cute.”

“He so is. Now I really have to go. If you are a good boy and get dressed, I’ll let you ride in the car taking me home.” I say and leave the room. I go to my room and get dressed.

We get to my flat and I start to get out. “Wait.” I hear. I turn and smile at Mycroft. “Don’t let Sherlock say anything bad about you dating me. And if he does, don’t believe him.” He says softly.

I smile softly and move to him. “He couldn’t say anything to make me change my mind about you. I’m sorry to say but you are stuck with me.”

He laughs and shakes his head. “No, you are stuck with me.” I kiss him softly and get out of the car.

In the afternoon of New’s Year Eve, I went out with Molly for some girl time. I told her about Mycroft finally and she told me about her Christmas. I get in and go inside and see Sherlock coming down the stairs. “Hey, where are you off to?” I ask.

He looks up at me. “Calliah. Good. Come on.” He says as he drags me out of the flat.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

He ignores me and gets a taxi to the empty shell of Battersea Power Station. He pays and drags me out of the taxi. He looks at me. “Now, you have to shut up. Don’t say a word, okay?” I nod and he leads me to a room that leads into another room.

“We’re not a couple.” I hear John says. I turn to Sherlock and open my mouth. He shakes his head.

“Yes you are. There…” I hear my sister’s voice. I cover my mouth and look at Sherlock. He looks at me with no emotion. “’I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.’”

“Who…who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but – for the record – if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay.” John says softly.

“Well, I am. Look at us both.” Irene says.

John laughs ruefully. Sherlock’s phone goes off and we look at it. He switches it off and pulls me away.

We take a taxi close to Baker Street and we get out. We walk to the flat, both of us looking down. We were in our own thoughts. As he arrives at the front door of 221B and turns to put his key in the door, his expression sharpens when he realizes that the door has been jimmied open. He holds his hand out for me to stay back. Slowly pushing the door open, he goes inside and carefully puts his hand onto the opaque glass window of the interior door before also pushing that one open and stepping through into the hall. I follow behind. Immediately we see that the door to 221A is ajar, and partway down the hall is a plastic bucket. He takes a quick glance at the various items inside the bucket and sees that they’re cleaning materials: a pair of rubber gloves, a duster, a spray can of what is probably screen and telephone sanitizer, a toilet brush and a bottle of disinfectant, and a couple of other items. Sherlock steps closer to the stairs and looks at them. He then looks at the wall. He puts a finger against the dent and his gaze becomes more intense. Sherlock stands there for a few seconds while his rage builds, and then he gets moving. I follow him up the stairs. Not long afterwards he slowly pushes open the door to the living room of 221B. In front of the fireplace Mrs. Hudson is sitting on a dining chair facing the sofa, and behind her stands Neilson, the CIA man who led the raid on Irene’s house. He is holding another pistol with an over-compensatory silencer attached and is aiming the gun at the back of Mrs. Hudson’s head. One of his men is standing looking out of the window but turns when the door opens; the other stands near the sliding door into the kitchen. As we slowly strolls into the room, Sherlock with his hands clasped behind his back, Mrs. Hudson – already crying quietly – begins to sob a little louder. “Oh, Sherlock, Calliah.”

“Don’t snivel, Mrs. Hudson. It’ll do nothing to impede the flight of a bullet.” Sherlock says. He looks at Neilson. “What a tender world that would be.”

Mrs. Hudson gazes up at Sherlock and me. “Oh, please, sorry, Sherlock.”

“I believe you have something that we want, Mr. Holmes.” Neilson says.

“Then why don’t you ask for it?” Sherlock says. He walks closer and holds out his right hand towards Mrs. Hudson. She flails towards it, whimpering, and he gently turns back the sleeve of her right hand and looks at the bruises on her wrist.

“Sher…” Mrs. Hudson says crying.

“I’ve been asking this one. She doesn’t seem to know anything.” Neilson says. “But you know what I’m asking for don’t you, Mr. Holmes.”

“I believe I do.” Sherlock says. Mrs. Hudson whimpers as he releases her hands and straightens up, putting his hands behind his back again.

“Oh, please, Sherlock.” Mrs. Hudson says.

“First, get rid of your boys.” Sherlock demands.

“Why?” Neilson asks.

“I dislike being outnumbered. It makes for too much stupid in the room.” Sherlock explains.

“Oh, so you want me to be outnumbered?” Neilson asks. “Okay, fine. Only if I can tie up Miss Adler so she doesn’t help you.”

“Fine.” Sherlock says.

I glare at Sherlock as Neilson grabs my arm. One of his men grabs a chair from the kitchen and Neilson ties me up. I glare at Neilson and he smirks. He nods to the two other men. “Okay, you two, go to car.”

“Then get into the car and drive away.” He looks back at Neilson. “Don’t try and trick me. You know who I am. It doesn’t work.” The two men leave the room and head down the stairs. “Next, you can stop pointing that gun at me.”

“So you can point a gun at me?” Neilson asks.

Sherlock steps back and spreads his arms to either side. “I’m unarmed.”

“Mind if I check?” Neilson asks.

“Oh, I insist.” Sherlock says.

Neilson comes around from behind us. Mrs. Hudson whimpers nervously. “Don’t do anything.

Neilson walks over to Sherlock and pats his breast pocket and flicks the coat open while Sherlock stands meekly with his arms still spread. Walking around behind him, Neilson starts patting for any hidden weapon at his back. Sherlock rolls his eyes dramatically at Mrs. Hudson and me, but he is already covertly starting to bend his right arm towards himself. He whips out the sanitizer spray can, twists around and sprays the contents directly into Neilson’s eyes. As Neilson screams, Sherlock rears back and then savagely head butts him in the face. Neilson falls back over the coffee table, unconscious, and Sherlock triumphantly flips the can into the air. “Moron.” Slamming the can onto the table, he hurries over to Mrs. Hudson and, tutting – probably in annoyance at what the man has done to her – he drops to his knees in front of her.

“Oh, thank you.” Mrs. Hudson says tearfully.

Sherlock gently strokes her face. “You’re all right now, you’re all right.”

“Yes. Now get Calliah out.” Mrs. Hudson says.

He nods and unties me. “Mycroft is going to kill him.” He tells me.

“Oh I know.” I say and smile. He starts to laugh. Sherlock gets up and grabs a piece of paper. He writes:



I laugh as I read it. He hands it to me. “Put this on the front door.” I nod and leave the room. I hang it under the knocker. I go back up stairs and see that Sherlock is putting Neilson into the chair. I rush over and help him. “Get the duct tape.” Sherlock tells me. I nod and go get it as Sherlock ties up Neilson. “Sit on the couch, both of you.” He tells us as he grabs the duct tape. I go to Mrs. Hudson and sit on the couch.

“Want some tea?” I ask her.

“No thank you dear.” Mrs. Hudson says. “So Mycroft and you? Anything there?”

I look down and blush. “We have been going out for almost a year now.” I say softly. I look over to Sherlock and see that he is waiting for Neilson to wake up.

“Oh, how nice. You need to help him be nicer to Sherlock.” Mrs. Hudson tells me.

“I’m trying to get both boys to be nice to each other.” I say and laugh. I hear a moan and see that Neilson has woken up. Sherlock lifts his arm and punches him in the nose, breaking it.

Sherlock sits down in his chair, lifts the pistol to Neilson and lifts his phone to his ear. I hear someone coming up the stairs and John comes in. “Jeez. What the hell happened?”

“Mrs. Hudson’s been attacked by an American. I’m restoring balance to the universe.” Sherlock explains.

John hurries over to the couch and sits on the other side of Mrs. Hudson. “Oh, Mrs. Hudson, my God. Are you all right?” He wraps an arm around her and glares at Neilson. “Jesus, what have they done to you?”

Mrs. Hudson breaks down in tears again. She covers her face. “Oh, I’m, just being so silly.”

John pulls Mrs. Hudson closer. “No, no.”

Sherlock gets to his feet, still holding the phone to his ear while aiming the pistol at Neilson. “Downstairs. Take them downstairs and look after Mrs. Hudson.”

John and I get up and help Mrs. Hudson up. “All right, it’s all right. I’ll have a look at that.” John says gently.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Mrs. Hudson says tearfully.

As she walks out of the room, John steps over to Sherlock, whose eyes are fixed on Neilson. “Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?”

“I expect so. Now go.” Sherlock says. They look at each other for a moment, and then turn their gazes to. John turns to leave the room but just before his head is completely turned away, a small smile begins to form on his face. Sherlock looks at me. “I’ll make sure Mycroft can get a little of the action. Go downstairs.” I smirk at Neilson and skip out of the room and go downstairs.

Mrs. Hudson and John are standing by the sink while he gently applies some antiseptic to the cut on her cheek. I sit at the table as she flinches. “Ooh, it stings.” John nods as he continues cleaning the cut. A moment later a shape plummets down past the window and lands with a crash. John and Mrs. Hudson look at the window. “Ooh. That was right on my bins.” There’s an agonized groan from outside. I just laugh.

Greg had shown up and was talking to Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson and John were sitting at the table, she was very shaken. I was leaning against the walls. I felt my phone vibrate. I look at the text:

Are you four all right? MH

I smile and reply:

Yes. Are you going to take care of Neilson? CM

After a minute, I get a reply:

Of course. Would you expect any less? MH

I giggle and reply:

Nope. I wouldn’t change it either. CM

I put my phone away and look up as Sherlock comes in. “She’ll have to sleep upstairs in our flat tonight. We need to look after her.” John says.

“No.” Mrs. Hudson says.

“Oh course, but she’s fine.” Sherlock says.

“No, she’s not. Look at her.” John says. Sherlock opens the fridge and peers inside before picking up something. “She’s got to take some time away from Baker Street. She can go and stay with her sister. Doctor’s orders.”

Sherlock kicks the fridge door shut, frowns at John and bites into a mince pie. “Don’t be absurd.” He says.

“She’s in shock, for God’s sake, and all over some bloody stupid camera phone. Where is it, anyway?” John asks.

“Safest place I know.” Sherlock says.

Wiping crumbs from his mouth, he looks down at Mrs. Hudson who reaches down inside her top and pulls the phone out of her bra before handing it to Sherlock. I laugh and she smiles at me. “You left it in the pocket of your second-best dressing gown, you clot.” She laughs briefly. “I managed to sneak it out when they thought I was having a cry.”

Sherlock tosses it into the air before putting it in his coat pocket. “Thank you.” He looks at John. “Mrs. Hudson leave Baker Street?” He puts a protective arm around her shoulders and pulls her closer to him. “England would fall.” Sherlock says sternly. She laughs and strokes his hand. He chuckles gently. John and I smile at them both.

Later, we are upstairs. John was fixing a drink in the kitchen. I was sitting on the couch playing with my ring. Sherlock looks at it and frowns. “What is that?”

“Um… well… it’s a promise ring… from your brother…” I say softly.

He comes over to me and sit down. “Can I see?” I show him my ring. “Why did he give you it?”

“A promise to always love me.” I look at him. He looks at me confused. “Sentiment.” He nods and stands up as John comes back in. Sherlock takes off his coat.

“Where is it now?” John asks.

“Where no-one will look.” Walking across to the window, he picks up his violin and turns his back to the room.

“Whatever’s on that phone is more than just pictures.” John says.

“Yes, it is.” Sherlock says. He tinkers with his violin and checks its tuning. John watches him for a moment.

“So, she’s alive then. How are we feeling?” John asks, looking at me. I look down and ignore him.

In the distance, Big Ben begins to toll the hour. Sherlock pulls in a sharp breath. “Happy New Year, John and Calliah.”

“Do you think you’ll be seeing her again?” John asks us.

Turning around but not yet meeting his eyes, Sherlock picks up his bow and flips it in the air before starting to play “Auld Lang Syne” and looking at John pointedly. John gets the message and sits down in his chair while Sherlock turns back to the window and continues to play.

I get my phone out and text Mycroft.

Happy New Year CM

Some months later, Sherlock and I reach the top of the stairs and then Sherlock stops abruptly outside the kitchen door. He sniffs deeply. “What?” I ask. Taking a couple more deep breaths, he turns and looks into the kitchen, then walks across to the window and checks it, realizing that it is open. Turning and sniffing again, he starts to walk slowly towards his bedroom just as the downstairs door slams and feet start trotting up the stairs. I follow him and he pushes his door open. He looks down at the bed. I frown and move to her and moves her hair out of her face. “Sherlock…” I hear John say.

“We have a client.” Sherlock says.

“What, in your bedroom?!” John asks. He comes in and his jaw drops when he sees the bed. “Ohhh.”

I stayed in the room till Irene woke up. She looks up and smiles softly. “That is the Calliah I remember. You in sweat pants and sweat shirts.” She says.

I laugh softly. “And you as I remember. Bitchy.”

She sit up and smirks. “Kitty got a back bone.”

“Yeah, living on the street does that to you.” I tell her.

She rolls her eyes. “Oh please. Mycroft Holmes got you off the street. You didn’t have to deal with anything.”

I stand up and walk over to her. “You don’t know what I went through Irene.” I cross my arms. “I slept in a box for two weeks till he found me. I barely ate! I tried to come back, Irene! Kate told me that you didn’t want to see me. You were my last family. I was lost in this world! You were supposed to be there for me! As far as I’m concerned, you are dead.” I yell and storm out of the room, slamming the door on my way out. I get to the living room and see the boys looking at me. I sigh. “That felt good.” I start laughing and kneel down. John comes over to me.

“Are you okay?” John asks softly.

“No.” I say softly. Sherlock comes over and picks me up. He puts me in his chair.

“Don’t die. Mycroft will kill me if I kill his girlfriend.” Sherlock says.

“Wait, girlfriend? You are dating Mycroft?” John asks. I nod. “You lived on the streets?”

“Yeah… Irene kicked me out after one day. I talked back to her and she got fed up with it. It all started when we found out that my father wasn’t actually my father. My mother had an affair and I was the product. My mother and father were heading for a divorcee when they died. They were arguing when a car rammed into their car. Irene blames me.” I explain to them. “I actually met you that day Sherlock.” I say and frown. “You were working at the library when I came in.”

Sherlock frowns. “I did? I remember that.”

“You were reading and I went to barrow a computer. I told you my name and you said the same thing you said to me when we met John. You said that my name means beautiful but too bad my looks didn’t match.” I say.

John frowns. “Did you really say that?”

Sherlock shrugs. “I don’t remember.”

“It doesn’t matter.” I say and get up. “I got to go.”

“Whoa whoa whoa. Where are you going?” John asks.

“I have to get away from her. I’ll call Mycroft.” I say. Sherlock looks up at me, worrying. “I’ll be fine.” I say, grab my coat and rush out of the flat. I bring out my phone and call Mycroft. It goes to voicemail and I sigh. I look around. I hail a taxi. I didn’t know where to go. I go to Mycroft’s house and knock on the door. ‘Anthea’ answers the door.

“Calliah. He is busy today.” She says.

I nod. “Please just let me in.”

“I’m not supposed to let anyone in.” ‘Anthea’ says.

“Please ‘Anthea’. I just need to be in the house.” I say and tear up.

“I’m sorry sweetie.” ‘Anthea’ says and shuts the door. I start to sob and I go back to the taxi.

“Where to?” The driver asks.

“Um, library.” I say softly. He pulls out onto the road and I bring my knees to my chest as the city goes by.

I get out when we get to the library. I pay the driver and he drives off. I go into the library and look around. I just needed some time. I would be fine. I get lost in the aisles and keep thinking about Mycroft, Sherlock, John, and Irene. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I get it out and see a text.

Come to the flat. SH

I sigh and start on my way home.

I get home and see Sherlock sitting in his chair and Irene over him. She was kneeling in front of him and they where holding hands. “Why would I want dinner if I wasn’t hungry?” Sherlock asks.

Irene leans forward. “Oh, Mr. Holmes… if it was the end of the world, if this was the very last night, would have dinner with me?” She asks softly.

“Sherlock!” Mrs. Hudson calls up the stairs. Sherlock looks over at the door and sees me. He stands up fast and Irene falls down. He walks to me.

“Where were you?” He asks.

I look him in the eyes. “I don’t think you care. You were paying too much attention to my sister.”

He frowns and shakes his head as two people come up the stairs. I turn around to see Mrs. Hudson and Plummer. “Sherlock, this man was at the door. Is the bell still not working?” Mrs. Hudson asks. She turns to Plummer and points at Sherlock. “He shot it.”

“Have you come to take me away again?” Sherlock asks Plummer.

“Yes, Mr. Holmes. You and Miss Muller.” Plummer says.

“Well, I decline.” Sherlock says. “So does she.”

Plummer takes an envelope from his jacket and offers it to him. “I don’t think you do.”

I feel my phone buzz and I get it out.

Please come Ardaigh. MH

I nod. Sherlock gets his coat and we follow Plummer to a car.


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