Calliah Mullen is the sister to Irene Adler and has always been called the ugly sibling. After hearing it for so long, Calliah believes it and cuts her self to relieve the pain. When see meets Sherlock and John, her views on the world, herself, and her sister change. Will it be for the better or worse?


2. Chapter 2

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I don't own any of the Sherlock stuff… if I did I would put John and Sherlock together, I would remove Irene, and I would give Mycroft his cake. I only own the story idea and Calliah Róise Mullen (Adler).

On with the story. We meet John, Sherlock, and Molly in this chapter.

I get to work and clock in. I go to the morgue and see Molly. "Molly. Hey." I rush over to her.

"Hey Calliah. How was your night?" She asks with a smile on her face.

"It was good. I watched Doctor Who like usual." I say and laugh. She joins in. She knows that I don't do anything.

We walk to a room and I see a man standing on the table with a riding crop. He was beating one of the corpses. I open my mouth in shock and hear Molly laugh. I look over at her and see that she isn't shocked. "That is Sherlock Holmes. He comes in some times to do some experiments. I let her because it is interesting." Molly explains. I look at her confused and then look at the man. "Hello Sherlock." Molly says as she walks into the room. I follow behind her and keep looking at the man. He doesn't pay us any attention. I look at Molly and she smiles at me. "Come on Calliah. We have work to do." She leads me out of the room. I look back at the strange but fascinating man beating the corpse.

After getting some work done, Molly and I go into the room as the man is finishing up. "So bad day, was it?" Molly says to Sherlock jokingly.

He ignores her and gets out a notebook and starts writing in it. "I need to know what bruises form in the next twenty minutes. A man's alibi depends on it. Text me."

She nods. "Listen, I was wondering, maybe later, when you're finished.."

Sherlock looks at her as he writes and then does a double-take and frowns. "Are you wearing lipstick? You weren't wearing lipstick before." I look at her. When did she put that on?

Molly gets nervous. "I, er, I refreshed it a bit." She smiles flirtatiously at him. I cough to hide a laugh. Molly glares at me before looking back at Sherlock.

He is looking at her and then goes back to writing in his notebook. "Sorry, you were saying?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee?" Molly asks as she gazes at him intently.

"Black, two sugars, please. I'll be upstairs." He says and walks out of the room.

Molly stares at him and slowly says "Okay."

I look at her and bust up laughing. I had never seen her act like this before. "Molly what was that?"
She looks at me and frowns. "He… I… I don't know. Sherlock makes me freeze up and act like an idiot. I can't face him. Can you get the coffee and bring it to him?"

I sigh. "Sure Molls." I go to the break room and get the coffee and fix it up the way he said to. I go upstairs and go into one of the labs. I notice two more men with him. I look down and bring Sherlock his mug of coffee.

Sherlock looks at me. "You aren't Molly."

"No I am Calliah. Molly was busy so I told her I would bring it up." I say softly and start to walk away.

"Beautiful." I hear Sherlock say behind me. I stop and turn around. "Only if your looks copied your name."

My eyes widen. "You worked in the library two years ago didn't you?"

He shrugs. "Sometimes I would fill in."

"You said that same thing two years ago to me when I came into the library." I told him.

He looks at me. "Did I? Hm." He says and looks back at the men. "How do you feel about the violin?" I close my eyes and start walking back to the door. I see one of the men looking at me. I look over and he smiles softly, apologetic. "Don't go Calliah. I was talking to you and Mr. Watson." I stop and look at Sherlock.

"I'm sorry?" I ask shocked.

"I'm sorry, what?" one of the men say who I am assuming is John.

"I play the violin when I'm thinking. Sometimes I don't talk for days on end." He looks at John and then me. "Would that bother either one of you? Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other." He says and throws a false smile at John and I. I look at John and John looks at the other man.

"You told him about me?" John asks the other man.

"Not a word." The man replys.

John looks at Sherlock as I do. "Who said anything about flatmates?" I ask.

Sherlock picks up his coat and puts it on. "I did. Told Mike this morning that I must be a difficult man to find a flatmate for. Now here he is just after lunch with an old friend, clearly just home from military service in Afghanistan. Wasn't that difficult a leap." He turns to me. "I heard you talking to Molly about needing to move out of your flat and how you want to move closer to work but couldn't afford a flat by yourself."

"How did you know about Afghanistan?" John asked.

Sherlock ignores him and wraps a scarf around his neck. He picks up his mobile and checks it. "Got my eye on a nice little place in central London. Together we ought to be able to afford it." He looks at us and walks towards up. "We'll meet there tomorrow evening; seven o'clock. Sorry – gotta dash. I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary."

"You did." I say as Sherlock walks past us.

"Is that it?" John turns and asks Sherlock.

Sherlock was at the door and looks back. He comes a little closer to John. "Is that what?"

"We've only just met and we're gonna go and look at a flat?" John asks.

"Problem?" Sherlock asks. I shake my head no.

John smiles at Sherlock in disbelief, and looks to the other man for help. I look at him. The shakes his head and smiles. John and I turn back to look at Sherlock. "We don't know a thing about each other; I don't know where we're meeting; I just met this woman; I don't know either one of your names."

Shrelock and I look at John. Sherlock looks a little more closely, like he was trying to solve a puzzle. "I know you're an Army doctor and you've been invalided home from Afghanistan. I know you've got a brother who's worried about you but you won't go to him for help because you don't approve of him – possibly because he's an alcoholic; more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp's psychosomatic – quite correctly, I'm afraid." Sherlock say smugly. John looks at his leg and cane and shuffles his feet awkwardly. Sherlock looks at me. "You have been put down most of your life and have given up on yourself. You don't leave your flat except to shop for food, work, and to go on your drink after work with Molly. You have a sister that can't stand you and you don't care for her." I look down. He got everything right. I don't know how, but he did. "That's enough to be going on with, don't you think?" He asks smugly. He turns and walks to the door. He opens it and goes through. He leans back into the room. "The name's Sherlock Holmes and the address is two two one b Baker Street." He winks and looks at the other man in the room. "Afternoon." The man raises a finger in farewell as Sherlock disappears from the room.

As the door slams shut, John turns and looks at me and the other man. The man smiles and nods to John. "Yeah. He's always like that." The man gets up and goes to the door. "John it was nice seeing you again. Come by any time you want." He nods to me and leaves.

John turns to me and I look down. "What is your name?" He asks me.

"Calliah Mullen." I say softly. I really just want to get back up to Molly and talk this out. I don't know what happened and she helps me understand things better.

"Well I am John Watson. I guess we might be flatmates." He says and smiles.

I nod. "I should get back to work. Sorry." I say and rush out of the room.

I run to the mortuary and look for Molly. "Molly?" I call out. I leave the room and start going to a different room. As I am about to go in, Sherlock comes out. "Sorry." I say softly.

He nods. "Yeah. Are you coming tomorrow?" I shrug. I really didn't know. I mean moving in with two strange men. My mother would roll over in her grave. My sister would laugh. "Afternoon." He says and leaves.

I go in the room and see Molly. I notice that she took off the lipstick. "You took off the lipstick."

"Yeah, wasn't working for me." She says and smiles softly.

"Really? I thought it looked good. Your lips are a little too small now." I say and go get my clipboard.

"You know Sherlock just came and said the same thing." She says and laugh. I join in her laugh.

"Speaking of Sherlock, I have some news." I smile at her.

So the trio has met.

I hope you liked the chapter. I will probably have the next chapter up tomorrow.

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