adopted by WHO?!

so this about a girl named Sydney who gets adopted by Matt Emsell who manages 5 Seconds of Summer. i'm going to stop here because i don't wanna give too much away. :-)


1. Sydney

hi... i'm Sydney. i don't have a last name... you see i'm an orphan. i live at sunny sky orphanage. *cough* it ain't sunny at all *cough*  i'm bullied. at  the orphanage and at school. i only have 3 friends. i... cut. yes i know it's wrong but if you had a life as horrible as mine you would probably cut too. enough of the sad stuff lets get to some happy things.

favorite color- different shades of blue

favorite food- anything as long as it's edible

play any instruments- yes(guitar,bass,piano,violin, drums)

do i sing-  yes

friends- 3 (Katie, garret, and Dean)A/N they are all orphans A/N

looks- picture ^^^^

favorite band(s)-my chemical romance, greenday,blink 182, all time low, bowling for soup, one direction, and my all time favorite 5 seconds of summer. A/N these are actually some of my favorites A/N

i absolutly LOVE 5 seconds of summer. they make me feel wanted, they're the reason i'm alive. but thats about it so bye.


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