adopted by WHO?!

so this about a girl named Sydney who gets adopted by Matt Emsell who manages 5 Seconds of Summer. i'm going to stop here because i don't wanna give too much away. :-)


2. Katie

hi i'm Katie.  I'm friends with Sydney, which i get made fun of for. i don't mind it, i mean it's better then being friends with the bitches and dicks at school. A/N sorry for language A/N i am also a orphan. i have 3 friends including Sydney.

favorite color- green and black

favorite food-  TACOS

play any instruments- yes ( guitar, piano, and flute)

age- 12

friends-3(Sydney,Garret, and Dean)

looks- picture^^^^^

favorite band(s) or artist- one direction, Taylor swift, Demi lovato, 5 seconds of summer, and all time low

i used to cut. but that was before i met Sydney(i met her when i was 10) i am 2 year and 6 months clean:)

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