Culture Diaries | Bastante Sonrisa - Spanish

Niza Fresco is a Spanish girl who is always confident. She is normal and average. But she finds the boy from her grade school, Ayudar, comes back, and has a huge crush on him. Never able to hang out with him again. But, her friend, Golosina, helps her out. But they are going through a lot of struggles and moments to accomplish.


1. Quinceañera

Given the new information, I was just invited to a birthday party tonight. I'm not ready yet, but I know that thus is my chance to really socialize with other girls like me. Might not be as well known as what you might call popular, but it's okay as long as my friends are there to help me accomplish. 

I hung my dress on the bed and continued to take off my pajama pants. I took off my pink tank-top, and slipped on my dress. It was red with sparkles, clear across the the top. It belled down at the bottom and my ankles  were partially shown. My black shoes and earrings really matched. 

I hope I won't embarrass myself, tonight. The doorbell rung. A tingle down my spine was underway. This is probably my friends at the door. Footsteps ran up the stairs until the appearance of a girl was spotted by my bedroom door. It was my friend, Golosina. Maybe she's ready for the party as well. She wore a blue and black dress. 

I hope my cousin recognizes me from our long time apart. I remember when she debuted in my life. Happy memories.

''Aloha, Niza! I'm ready to shake my maracas!'' Golosina said and hugged me by surprise.

''You too! I'm here for the food!'' I said excited, jumping up and down twice. The door opened suddenly, revealing my mom behind it. She had dark brown hair like I did. Her skin was just like mine, too, tan. She held a clipboard with 3 peices of paper on it.  She gave it to me, so me and Golosina, could read it. 


A list of my friends were all on it. I've written it at school. My cousin should love them.I handed it to Golosina to read aloud to me on the invitation list she has made at school. We had different opinions on who should come.


Invitation List

Niza Fresco

Culto El Sabio

Tercera Ano




''Um, Golosina?'' I asked, worried out of my mind, ''Is that Ayudar on the list?''

''Por Que?'' Golosina asked why I would need to know. She pressed her lips together and added on to her sentence,'' Do you like him? Do you want him to come?''


I do like him. And of course I'd want him to come, but, do I talk to him while I'm there? Good thing that there are dozens of people there so no one will see me. I won't know what to say. What if I want to dance with him? Oh no.

This is such an important thing for me.


''How do you know him?'' I asked. 


''We all went to grade school together. K-8. You were a TOTAL GOOFBALL around him-'' she started to laughed, off of some focus.


''I always liked him. I just don't if he would like me, back. I embarrassed myself enough so that he might not feel the same way. Nunca.''


''He still goes to our school, I'll help you, okay? We'll talk to him during the party if you like?''


This was my time. Hope my family member don't stump me and tell me to do other things. It was to long. I really need him back.







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