The Lost Fairytales

~A little bit of magic can take you a far way~


4. Chapter Four


~Chapter Four~


Tristan quickly told her step-mother goodnight and rushed to her room, where Maddie, Simone, Ella, and Audrey sat waiting. A sleepover at her father's house was the perfect cover up. Although Tristan wished that they could enjoy themselves and not have to return to those stupid dresses, she knew her friends would never settle for that. Things are at stake, Tristan mockingly repeated in her head.

"So?" Maddie questioned as Tristan entered her room. She shut the door behind her before joining the circle.

"We'll have to wait a bit longer. Alyssa told me she'd be going to bed soon, but I'm not sure how that'll work out with Jace balling his eyes out," Tristan rolled her eyes at the thought of her little brother. Jace was only eighteen months old, and he had a frequency for throwing tantrums while she was trying to sleep. Of course, Tristan couldn't interrupt her precious beauty sleep, so her poor step-mother, Alyssa, always ended up taking care of the little snot ball.

"That'll be good enough. It's only 10:48 now," Audrey said, checking the clock that stood on Tristan's bedside table.

About and hour later, the door to Tristan's room creaked open. Tristan watched through one cracked eye as Alyssa peeked in, checking on her and her friends. A moment later, the door was pulled shut, and the coast was clear.

"Let's go," Ella whispered. Tristan clambered from her sleeping bag, along with the four others. Once they'd steadied, Tristan slid open her window, along with the screen. A cool night breeze blew Tristan's long blonde hair into her face, so she hastily pulled it back before leading the way.

"Don't fall," Tristan warned her friends.

"Great advice, Tristan," Simone chuckled.

Tristan led her friends across the house's roof until they reached the famous cable tower. She then pushed her friends one at a time onto the thing, watching tediously as they took their time. They'd only climbed it once, after all. Then, Tristan clambered down the tower twice as fast as her friends had. She liked to consider herself an expert.

"Alright, we have ten minutes. Let's hustle," Maddie informed her friends. The five girls set off into the night; climbing fences, ducking through yards, and sneaking through alleyways, until they finally reached the iron gate that announced the entrance to Ballwin Park.

Tristan found the correct fountain, and let her friends gather around her. She could nearly hear Maddie complaining again, claiming she belonged in a nuthouse. In truth, Tristan felt like that too. All of this was crazy. She'd decided, though, that she'd just have to wing it; just like she'd winged Mr. Helm's second semester exam.

"Just liked yesterday," Ella spoke evenly. "On three."

"One," Maddie began to count down.

"Two," Audrey said.

"Three!" Simone shouted. She then took the liberty to yank her friends' arms and pull them into the freezing fountain water. The last things Tristan saw were the alarmed faces of Ella, Maddie, and Audrey. Another adventure, she thought sarcastically.


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