The Lost Fairytales

~A little bit of magic can take you a far way~


5. Chapter Five


~Chapter Five~


If Maddie were to be completely truthful; she loved being a princess. It had always been one of her childhood ambitions. She'd always wanted a poufy ball gown, such as the beautiful red one she wore now. She'd always wanted to host her own tea party and to live in a shimmering castle; she supposed she was still working on that. Unfortunately for Maddie, she wasn't allowed to live in the fairytales, she was supposed to save them.

"Welcome, girls," the Queen greeted them as they stood. Hurtling through a portal wasn't too easy; that's why the girls often arrived laying on the ground, or stumbling about.

"So, what did you say we were going to do now?' Simone asked. Maddie snickered, as they'd only shown up about a minute ago, and Simone was already asking questions. Truthfully, Maddie obtained quite a lot of questions herself. If she was correct, the Queen still hadn't told them too much, not nearly everything. Maddie always had some kind of theory up her sleeve.

"We are going to discover how Mr. Kane and Mr. Erebus are gaining access to The Book," the Queen informed them.

"I've been thinking, not just about that, but of another thing," Ella mentioned. The Queen looked at her intently. "When we opened The Book, you told us that the brightness would subside because it would recognize us as the chosen five. In that case, how hasn't The Book recognized Mr. Kane and Mr. Erebus as intruders?"

"Dear, that's among the questions we must answer," the Queen sighed. Maddie seemed to find the Queen's behavior as a sign; even if this lady hadn't told them the half of things, she didn't know as much as she put on either.

"Didn't you mention that Mr. Kane owned a potions shop?" Maddie asked curiously. The Queen nodded stiffly.

"What kinds of potions does he have, exactly?" Audrey questioned. That was the question Maddie had planned to ask next.

"Oh, all kinds," the Queen told them. "Strange, really, that you girls brought that up. We'll be visiting Mr. Kane's potion shop tonight. Hopefully, we will find answers to both of Ella's questions." So they were going to find out how these two men were getting to The Book, and exactly how they were reading it, let alone tamper with it. Maddie couldn't figure how the answers would lay in a potion shop, but the Queen knew best.

"How are we going to get there?" Audrey inquired.

"Well, follow me," the Queen beckoned them, and for the second time, Maddie found herself following this strange lady into the night.


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