The Lost Fairytales

~A little bit of magic can take you a far way~


8. Chapter Eight


~Chapter Eight~


"Lovely work, girls. I think we've found our answer," the Queen congratulated each girl. Audrey smiled politely, even though all she and Tristan had done were sift through stacks of dusty books and piles of empty potion bottles that scattered the entirety of the shop's back room.

"Now, we have to get that locket," Maddie said. Even though they'd found the answer, they still had to take action.

"Wait, what about the other question?" Simone piped. Right, Audrey shook her head. There were way too many thoughts flying around up there; much more than there usually were. Audrey preferred to keep thinking at a minimum, especially during summer vacation. She usually left that boring stuff to Maddie and Ella. She sighed, trying to remember the other question they'd set out to answer.

"Hey, Audrey, didn't you find something?" Tristan questioned. She nudged Audrey's shoulder.

"Oh," Audrey's eyes lit. Of course she hadn't remembered with her mind so jumbled. She patted her dress until she found the half-used potion bottle she'd found of interest; she'd tucked it between the outer materials and the lace layer that was underneath her ball gown, right around her waist. Audrey really loved being a princess, but it would be nice if these gowns had pockets.

"What's that?" Ella asked.

"Tristan and I thought it might explain that second question," Audrey began to explain. "This potion's labeled as Disguise."

"So we think these guys are taking this potion to disguise themselves just so they can read The Book?" Simone asked incredulously.

"Well, it is half empty," Audrey pointed out. It had also been hidden in that back room.

Suddenly, Ella snickered. Audrey turned to stare at her. Usually she would be the one to burst out laughing in an inappropriate situation, but she hadn't found anything funny. "What is it?" Audrey asked, choking down the urge to laugh along with her friend.

"Well, if the only people who can read The Book without being blinded our us five and the Queen, then Mr. Kane and Mr. Erebus must be disguising themselves as some of us each time they go to read," Ella explained. "I was just imagining two grown men in ball gowns, as pretty princesses," she chuckled.

"That's wonderful," Tristan commented. Audrey couldn't help the small snigger that escaped her lips.

"Now that we have the answers to both of our questions, I think we're finished for the night," the Queen informed the girls. Audrey frowned. She didn't want to leave just yet. She was technically supposed to be at home, watching her annoying brother, Nicholas, while her mother and Norman, aka: Potato, were out late for a movie and dinner. However, she really didn't want to be home watching Nicholas while her mom ignored them.

"Shouldn't we get rid of these potions first?" Audrey blubbered, making an excuse to stay only a minute longer in this magical fairytale world. She smiled, though, as she realized she'd actually made a valid point. Audrey wasn't always the smartest one.

"Oh, yeah," Maddie said. "Let's gather all of the Duplication potions in this shop and dispose of them. That way, when we manage to snag that extra locket, they won't be able to create another one."

"We should dispose of the rest of the Disguise potions too," Ella said.

"Alright, let's hurry up," Simone shouted. However, Audrey set off and searched the cluttered shelves for the potions as slowly as she could. She'd do anything to avoid her life back home and live in a fairytale.


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