Not Again (Book 2)

Book #2 for My Dream Boyfriend! Adin and Navi are what!?! You will just have to find out? Whats going on with Raina and Jax? What bout Harper and Ash? Well you will find out in Book #2 Right Here!


6. Chapter 5

When we pulled up in Harper's driveway, he was outside with Jax, playing. Ash got out of the car, ran up,  got Jax and put him in her arms and hugged him so tightly. Harper just sat there. Ash gave Harper the evil eye, but yet there was still that "I Love You" look in her eye as well. 

Harper: I'm so sorry babe. I should had never done that to you, or ever touched you the way I did. I was just tired of never getting to see my own son, your mom hates me, and doesn't want me to have anything to do with my own child as well. I so sorry I will never do that to you again, I fill so embarrassed and ashamed of my self for doing what I did, I hope you forgive me, but if you don't I understand every bit of it, just know I love you.

Ash: Harper.. I love you too, but I do forgive you, and look i'm kind of scared of you. If you wanted to see him you should of just asked me, I am officially an grown adult now, I can do what ever I want to, and that includes being with you and Jax, just like one big happy family.


They make up and talk for a bit, then I decide to get out and meet this Harper dude for the first time.

Navi: Hey Ash… everything alright now?

Ash: Yes, oh! Harper, this is my best friend Navi. Navi, this is my boyfriend Harper.

Harper: Nice to meet you Navi.

Navi: It's nice to meet you too.


Adin yells for me to come back to the car.

Navi: Yeah babe?

Adin: Did your water just break? Because look at your pants..

Navi: Oh my god.. I didn't even notice! Babe, I am having late reactions … 


I yell and told Ash that Adin was rushing me to the Hospital because my water broke.

When we get the Hospital I go into Labor. 

*30 mins Later*

Doctor: Congratulations! Its a Girl. Do you have a name for her yet?

Navi and Adin: October

Doctor: October it will be. Would you guys like to hold her?

Navi: Yes


I look down at my new baby girl, she is beautiful, she looks alot like her dad. Brown hair and bright blue eyes.

After being in the hospital for a few days October was ready to go home! I was so excited for Raina to meet her new baby sister. 

I was thankful for my dad, he watched Raina for Adin and I while I was in the hospital. While I was in the hospital she drew me pictures.

I missed Raina so much. While I was at my dad's picking up Raina, there was this BEAUTIFUL women sitting down with my dad.. snuggling.. like a happy couple. 

Dad: Hey Navi! Ready to pick up Raina? 

Navi: Yeah, ready to go home baby?

*Raina runs to me and laughs and smiles*

Dad: Oh I almost forgot! This is my soon to be wife and soon to be mom to you. Meet Fever, Fever this is my Daughter Navi.

Navi: Nice to meet you! I love your name it's so unusual.

Fever: Haha, yes, so is your name! I have never meet a Navi before myself.

Navi: Well do you want to me my soon to be husband and new daughter?

Fever and Dad: Yes!

Dad: So, what did you and Adin name her?

Navi: October..

Fever: Oh my gosh thats beautiful!!

Navi: Yes thanks


We walk over to the car where October and Adin are.

Fever: She looks like her dad.

Dad: Yes very much so! She has Navi's eyes though.

Navi: Haha yup! So does Raina.

Adin: I'm glad they have your eyes babe, your eyes are beautifuler than the sea! *winks at me*

Navi: Aweee…, babee..

Adin lens over and kisses me. I blush and he laughs, so does Fever and dad.

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