Not Again (Book 2)

Book #2 for My Dream Boyfriend! Adin and Navi are what!?! You will just have to find out? Whats going on with Raina and Jax? What bout Harper and Ash? Well you will find out in Book #2 Right Here!


4. Chapter 4

After we saw all the broken plant pots. There was the door…, it was gone, like as if someone broke it down. I started to panic and screamed for Ash.


Adin: Babee! Calm down, she going to be fine, I will get Raina and you go in the house and look for Ash, I will be there in a sec, scream if you need something.


I walk into the house looking for Ash, I go into her bed room and I find her in the bathroom floor with glass in her head from the mirror and blood on the ground from her side.


Ash: *says in hurt voice* Navi…I'm okay, its not that bad..really,its not. Its just a scrap. I just need to rap it, and I need to get this glass out of my freakin head. 

Navi: Okay, its gonna be okay Boo, I got you, I am going to go get one of Adin's old shirts out of the car so I can rap your side, I will be right back.


I sit Ash of against the wall and run outside to the car, by the time I get half way to the car Adin is walking towards me. I run past him and get one of his old shirts and rip in into strips, so I can rap Ash's side. 

Adin: Oh my, what happened, why are you ripping that shirt?

Navi: Oh my gosh, you will understand when you see Ash's side...


I run inside, while Adin jogs along with Raina inside to the bathroom were Ash is.

Navi: Im back boo, you okay? I got the shirt to rap your side.

Ash: Yes Im fine, I'm just worried about my baby..

Navi: Jax is going to be alright, trust me.


I rap Ash's side, she whimpers a little bit. After I get done raping her side she stands up and I pick the glass out of her head. Adin heads back to the car with Raina while I help Ash walk to the back seat with Raina. Ash shows Adin where Harpers house is. When we get there, its not the sight Ash though she would see.

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