Not Again (Book 2)

Book #2 for My Dream Boyfriend! Adin and Navi are what!?! You will just have to find out? Whats going on with Raina and Jax? What bout Harper and Ash? Well you will find out in Book #2 Right Here!


3. Chapter 3

Author's Note!! 

IM SOOO SORRY GUYS!! I know I haven't uploaded in like 1 or 2 months… I just got bored and decided to take a break for a while! But another thing is that I got a new FREASH memory for new ideas. I  made a account on Wattpad. I have lots of awesome ideas for new stories also! So stay in touch with me, I need new Ideas!!! 


The next morning I had 7 missed calls and 23 text messages from Ash. 

Navi: Holy crap!! Babeeee!! wake up now! *Navi starts shaking Adin to get him awake.*

Adin: Whattt!! Whats going on?!?

Navi: Ash needs help at her house ASAP, Harper, her Boyfriend got mad and took Jax, and Ash can't find them! She thinks they might be at Harper's but she is scared to go alone.

Adin: Okay, Okay calm down, is Ash Okay? first of all.

Navi: I don't know! *cries*

Adin: Babe… its going to be okay. Get dressed and so will I, then I will get Raina ready as you get her diaper bag.


We get ready and I pack Raina bag and Adin get Raina, then we speed over to Ash's. When we get there all of her beautiful plants and pots are destroyed, gone, broken. I wonder what happened...

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