Not Again (Book 2)

Book #2 for My Dream Boyfriend! Adin and Navi are what!?! You will just have to find out? Whats going on with Raina and Jax? What bout Harper and Ash? Well you will find out in Book #2 Right Here!


2. Chapter 2

The next day we went to go see my Dad and Adin's parents. We had a family get together at my Dad's house, we also invited Ash and Jax. Adin told everyone the big news on the engagement and baby #2. It was really fun seeing everyone. After everyone left Adin, Dad, and I cleaned up. Adin brought Raina and watch cartoons with her in the living room while Dad had to tell me something in the kitchen. 

Dad: I have some big news!

Navi: Nice, What is it?

Dad: I have a girlfriend! She lives right down the road also.

Navi: That's awesome Dad! I can't wait to meet her! 

Dad: I think you will really like her! 

Navi: I hope so. 

It started to get late and I had to go to the doctor for a baby check up in the morning, so we headed home. Adin and I put Raina to bed, then we laid in the bed and watched a movie.

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