The Full Moon's Lover

Zoey Pryce... Not exactly your average Hogwarts student. She loves to do things her way, honestly who doesn't? But when she meets Remus Lupin, things would have to go...differently. (Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna)


5. The Train With the Girl

   "Hey, Remus," Lily said as she entered the Gryffindor prefect compartment. 

   "Hi..." he responded. 

   "How did the moon go?" 

   "Well, not too bad, there were only three new scars. Here, here, and here," Remus pointed.

   "Hey, mate!" James said somewhat happily, joining the pair in the compartment.

   "Hey..." Remus replied hesitantly, noticing James' slight frown. He looked at Lily, who seemed to be doing the same.

   "I wonder where Sirius is," Lily said, sticking her head out. Suddenly, Remus felt the urge to hit himself. Of course, he thought. They want to be...alone. "I'll just go find him, maybe sit with him for an hour." Remus walked down the aisle, peeking in compartments, looking for Sirius. After going through four cars, he gave up and sat down in a seemingly empty compartment.

   "Hey, Remus, right?" a girl's voice says. Remus looked up, startled.

   "Yeah." It was the pretty girl from the bookstore. "I don't think I ever caught your name, though."


   "Oh. Well..." Zoey laughed.

   "Not exactly the conversationalist, are you?"

   "Oh, um, not really, I don't really have that many friends."

   "What about those kids you were with at Diagon Alley?"

   "Well...they normally do the talking. Especially James and Sirius. I just listen."

   "Hm. I'm not sure if I would be able to just stay quiet and listen. At my old school, I was kind of a really big talker. The teacher would always get mad at me."

   "Your's American. Where did you used to go?"

   "Salem Witch Academy."

   "Oh, I heard about that place. Didn't something happen two years ago?"

   "You know what? I think I'm just going to go get my robes on." Zoey stood and left the compartment.

   "Way to go," he mumbled to himself.




   It had been a couple hours and Zoey never returned. Remus knew he had done something wrong. He always did. But, the question was, what had he said bothered her? She left after he mentioned the problem at Salem Witch Academy two years ago. He thought back to the article he read in his fifth year. Something about a boy...

   "I'm so sorry Remus, I know I should've come back, but..." Remus looked up. Zoey was standing at the door, face paler than usual. "You know what? There is no excuse. That was rude of me. Sorry."

   Remus felt the corners of his lips slightly curve up. "Don't worry, you're back, and that proves that you're nice enough to feel bad about it."

   "About my old school-"

   "You don't have to tell me, it's not my business."

   Zoey smiled. "We're here. Shouldn't you go help the first years or something?"

   "Oh, right. See you later."

   "Bye, Remus."

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