The Full Moon's Lover

Zoey Pryce... Not exactly your average Hogwarts student. She loves to do things her way, honestly who doesn't? But when she meets Remus Lupin, things would have to go...differently. (Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna)


4. The Boy in the Shop

  "Stupid guy," Zoey muttered angrily and rubbed her shoulder. It was throbbing from being shoved against a wall as that klutzy boy passed.

   He's lucky to have friends like that, she thought as she entered the strange little shop called Flourish & Botts.

   The shopkeeper looked down at her. "May I help you?" She showed him a list of books her uncle gave her, the bookkeeper nodded.

   "That'll be twenty seven Galleons."

   "Excuse me?"

   "Twenty seven gold pieces, Miss, or you can't buy the books."

   Her uncle only gave her ten gold pieces; she didn't know much about this new money system, she'd have to learn.

   "Here," a boy with brown hair and round glasses said. She recognized him; he was one of the kids who defended the boy who ran into her. Then she saw the sandy-haired boy standing behind him. "I'll buy the books."

    Zoey looked at the two boys. They both gave a small smile. She was thinking of what to tell them, but her hand shot out and he placed her money in his hand. "Thank you." The bookkeeper handed the books to her, and the boy who paid vanished, but the other boy stayed. "The name's Zoey Pryce," she blurted.

   "I'm Remus...Remus Lupin."

   "Suppose I'll be seeing you at Hogwarts?"

   "Suppose so. Remember this: one Galleon, the gold one, is equal to 17 Sickles, the little silver pieces, or 493 Knuts, the bronze pieces." 

   "Tell your friend thanks for the money."

   "Yeah." Remus walked away, toward his small group of friends laughing in the corner. Zoey glanced down at her book. She felt something...odd. Something she hadn't felt since...the Christmas ball in her fifth year. The night she couldn't get back.

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