The Full Moon's Lover

Zoey Pryce... Not exactly your average Hogwarts student. She loves to do things her way, honestly who doesn't? But when she meets Remus Lupin, things would have to go...differently. (Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna)


2. Hogwarts

   "Zoey Pryce..... ZOEY PRYCE!" the teacher was squawking at Zoey for the hundredth time.

   "Yes, ma'am?" She pointed at the door.

   "Maybe you should finish your lessons elsewhere." She thought of the trouble she was in and felt nervous. When a teacher throws a student out of a class in that school, they were most likely to be transferred. 

   Zoey walked into the Headmistress' office, and she looked up at her.

   "Zoey Pryce.... That's the third time you were sent out of class, dear."

   "I know, ma'am...." She took Zoey's file and placed it in front of her.

   "You know the policies...." They were burned before Zoey's eyes, tears streaked her cheeks.

   "Where am I going then?"



   "In London." Zoey couldn't look at my friends when she went back to my dorm for my things.

   "Zo... Where are you going?" She couldn't answer, Zoey was ashamed. 




   It was a long flight to London, and her Mom was furious that she had to go live with her Uncle Charlie for a little while."Hey, Zoey! Look at you! You've changed."

   Change? How did I change? I'm still me, she thought.  "Hi, Uncle Charlie."

   Zoey looked in the mirror after settling into what was a room, nothing big but still durable. Her blonde hair looked dingy and my green eyes sparkled with the same dull light. There was no change; Uncle Charlie was crazy.

   "So, you need to go to Diagon Alley for your stuff, huh?" he asked, making her jump.

   "I-I guess so."

   "Then let's go. You came at the right time, too. Term is about to start up again so I've heard." He lead her outside."What year are you in again?"

  "I left Salem Witch Academy in my sixth year, Uncle."

   He gave Zoey a sharp look of disappointment."Well, Hogwarts will shape you up into your seventh year quite nicely, then."

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