Two girls go on a camp out but they never know what terrors lurk there...


1. The Werewolf (short story)

As it struck midnight Nell and Gwen camped out in the forest. The fire was crackling and roaring as the girls huddled around it desperate for warmth. If only Gwen didn't convince Nell to go this never would have happened. Minutes passed but it wasn't getting any warmer. "I knew we shouldn't have come", Nell said to her sister. "Don't be a scaredy cat Nell" answered Gwen with coldness in her voice. Gwen decided to get more wood so she did. she walked to the deepest part of the forest where she found plenty. When she got what she needed she froze and terror walked across her face. A dark shadow was in front of her. Growling furiously. 

"Gwen!" screamed Nell desperate to find her sister until she saw it. glowing eyes, spiked fur and what Nell feared most was the sharp fangs that have probably crushed the bones of humans. Gwen was against a tree trying to get away but she was paralyzed with fear. When the wolf had gone Gwen fell like rubber. Nell tried lifting her up but she couldn't walk. "I'm going to get help, I'll be back." Nell ran with all her strength she had left to get help.When she was back with help Gwen was gone. The only thing that was left was drops of red blood...


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