1. Connect

I reach my dorm room, It was empty, as usual, Allison which was my roommate didn't like me, she said I spent to much time on my computer. I open up Omeagle chat, And I get a connection with them instantly, Thats unusual,

You Are Now Chatting With A Stranger! say Hi!

Stranger: Hello, Taylor.

I gasp, "how does he know who I am?" I whisper to myself

Stranger: Well, I'm sure you'd love to know.

I shut off my computer, running a hand through my hair, I look out the window shutting the Curtains, I walk cautiously over the the bathroom, looking in slowly, no one?

It's probably some dumb kids pranking me, Yeah, that's it, I take off my shirt, unhooking my bra letting it drop to the floor, grabbing a oversized T-Shirt from my closet pulling it over my head, Taking off my pants and putting on some shorts, I lay in bed My eyelids become heavy and I drift into a uneasy sleep. 



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