It Started With A Vine And A Comment

Cameron Dallas... The famous Viner and Youtuber who gets millions of comments on every Vine he does. But what happens when one of those comments stands out to him? How far will go to meet this girl? And what happens when he does? Will love blossom? Or will hate take over? Read to find out what happens to Cameron and Chloe...


3. Date.

// Cam's Pov //

I have to admit I'm pretty nervous. I've looked at her Vine page once or twice before and to be honest I have a little crush on her. We texted earlier this morning and she gave her address so I'm on my way to pick her up. She was telling me something about Louis, her brother, going to talk to me but I was fine with it. It is now 1:28 and I'm standing at her front door. 'Just ring the bell' I told myself. Why am I so nervous? I finally rang the doorbell and Louis came and introduced himself to me and I did the same. "Chloe is getting ready. We need to talk." "S-Sure." I said uneasily and sat down across from Louis in their den. "Chloe is very special to me and I know you are just meeting but please if anything does happen keep her safe. Our parents aren't around and she is all I have." Louis said to me. "I promise to keep her safe Louis." I responded. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little crush on her. I've seen her Vine page and she has a great personality." I said totally honest. "Wanna hear a secret?" he asked and I nod. "She has a huge crush On you but she doesn't like to admit it. Just to warn you she will play hard to get." When he was done talking I heard footsteps and Chloe came down the stairs. "Hi Cameron." She said and gave me little smile. "Bye Lou." she said and got on her tip toes to hug him and whisper something in his ear that made him turn red. She is rather small but me and Louis are tall so that is probably it too. "Shall we go?" she asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yes. Bye Louis." I said and opened the door for her. "Have fun!" Louis shouted from inside. I walked her to the passenger side and helped her in. I then quickly went to the drivers seat.

// Chloe's Pov //

I heard the doorbell ring from downstairs and imminently heard that familiar voice. Cameron. I heard Louis greet him which made me smile. I quietly made my way to the railing on the stairs and listened to the conversation. "Id be lying if I say I didn't have a crush on her." Cameron said to Louis. WHAT?!? OMFG!! Then Louis told him I would play hard to get. I wasn't planning on it but...

I went down stairs and said bye to Louis, then Cameron and I were out the door. We were on our way to Starbucks and the car was dead silent. "So... Camer-" I was cut off by Cameron asking "Do you consider this a date?" I thought for a minute. "I don't know. Do you?" "Thats why I wanted to ask you... if you felt the same way. I'm sorry I usually mess things like this up. You probably think I'm an idiot now and-" I cut him off by placing my lips on his. He moved his hands to my waist and I moved mine to his neck to play with his hair. "Lights green." I say and he pulls back and starts driving. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. I just ruined the whole thing. I'm really sorry." I apologized.
"No. You didn't ruin anything. You just made it easier on me." he said with a smirk plastered on his face.
"Look I was not going to admit this but I really like you. That's why I commented on your Vines but I thought you would only see me as a fan. I know that since my brother is famous that people will use me and I hate that." I admit.
"No Chloe, I really like you." he said. I just admitted my feelings for Cameron and he returned them. WHOA!
"So where does that that us?" I asked.
"What are you talking about, girlfriendd?" Cam said sounding out girlfriend. "Nevermind, boyfriendd." I responded mocking Cam.

"Were here." he said, he helped me out and I put my arm around his waist since I can't reach his shoulder. He was shocked at first but then put his arm around my waist too.
"Hi welcome to Starbucks!" some Barbie looking wanna be said as we walked in.
"How can I help you?" We scanned the menu looking for what we wanted.
"What do you want, love?" Cam said with his arm still arm me. Barbie got jealous.
"Um, I want a Caramel Frap please." I said to the Barbie doll.
"Make that two" Cam said. "Sure. That will be £13."
Cam gave her the money.

We walked to the area where the drinks came out and waited. Cameron was leaning against a wall and I was leaning against his body with his arms around me. He slowly started kissing my neck.
"Do you do this with every girl?" I asked getting curious.
"Do what?" He said clueless.
"Make a girl feel special?" He stood up straight.
"Believe it or not your my first girlfriend." he said shyly looking down at my head. "That's why I'm really scared I'm gonna do something wrong and you'll leave me... I don't want you to leave me." he said, the grip he had around me getting tighter. I turned around and kissed his nose.
"Cameron. Cam look at me."He did as I said.
"You and Louis are the best thing that ever happened to me. My parents basically said I was a 'waste of time' and abandoned me and Lou. What I'm worried about is that something will go wrong and I will lose both of you." I said starting to sob.
"Chloe. Stop. Your gonna make me cry." He said and laughed."I'm sorry. Look Cam I know we like just meet but I-" I was cut off by Barbie
"Here's your drinks." she said with her fake smile. She also glared at me.
"Ha! I think that's yours." I pointed at the cup that read 'call me, Cameron'.
"Um no thank you." he said and cheekily smiled.



"Are you ready to go home?" Cam asked.

"Depends. Are you tired of me yet?"

"No. Actually I think I'm gonna kidnap you and keep you all to myself." He responded and poking my arm.
"Yeah. Sure."
"Wanna go to the park?"
"Yas bro!" I screamed.

// Cam's Pov //
We were in my car on our way to the park when Chloe turns the radio on... Loud.

"As long as you love me,
We could be starving,
We could be homeless,
We could Be broke." she screamed out the lyrics.

"Love, quiet down you are going to wake all of Doncaster!" I yelled over the music.
"Sorry..." she mumbled and turned the radio off.
"Ok we're here." I said and we both got out.

"Race ya!" she yelled. Then we were off. I easily caught up to her tho. I ran to the playground and pumped my fist in the air sucessfully like in Rocky. Haley soon caught up to me and started to 'pout'.

"Aww. I'm sorry, baby. Come here." I said and she shook her head 'no'.

"Oh really?" I asked and she nodded yes.

"So I guess your not gonna talk?" she shook her head 'no'.

"So you don't want a kiss" No.
"Hug" No. "Ice Cream" she hesitated but still No.
"To be my girlfriend"
"YES!" she yelled and jumped in to my arms.

"I wanna do the monkey bars, but I never learned how to stay up until the end." Haley said and then pouted again.
"It's ok, love. I'll help you." I said and helped her onto the first bar.
I let go of her but then grabbed her again when she started to slip on the 5th bar.
"I DID IT!" Chloe screamed when she reached the last one.
"Good job, babe." she immanently jumped in to my arms and I spun her around.

"Ok. Let's go. I'm tired." She said and I carried her back to the car. I turned on the radio and 'Windows Down' by BTR came on.
"This is my jam!" Chloe yelled and started dancing around in her seat. I laughed at her and rolled down the windows, her hair started blowing around like crazy. After a few minutes we were in her driveway.

"Ugh!" Haley groaned and got out and slammed the door. I quickly got out as well, ran and stood in front her grabbing her arms.

"What's wrong?" I asked panicked.

"It was nice being your girlfriend for the day. Bye Cameron." She said and kissed my cheek and tried to walk past me.

"What do you mean 'bye'." I asked catching her again.

"I mean you are only in Doncaster for a few more days. So I won't see you for a longggg time and..." I cut her off by kissing her.

"I don't have to leave, I could move here, or I could-" she cut me off this time.

"Cam don't be silly, you have family and friends that you would leave behind, I can't ask you to do that." she said with sad eyes. "I told you something would go wrong and I would lose you." then kissed my cheek over again.

"I'll call you later. Bye." She said and walked to the door.
"Bye" I said sadly and walked to my car. I'm not letting her go so easily. I can get an apartment or something. I know I'd be leaving family for a girl I meet a few days ago but we can always skype.

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