It Started With A Vine And A Comment

Cameron Dallas... The famous Viner and Youtuber who gets millions of comments on every Vine he does. But what happens when one of those comments stands out to him? How far will go to meet this girl? And what happens when he does? Will love blossom? Or will hate take over? Read to find out what happens to Cameron and Chloe...


6. Baby?!

"Room 3, Miss. Tomlinson." Doctor Maria said to me. I've been having really bad stomach aches. Like really really bad aches. Cam and Nash both brought me to the hospital. I have gotten really close to Nash. He's amazing. I walked into the room with Cam by my side. I was squishing his hand because of the pain. Nash took a seat in the seat next to the bed as Cam and I sat on the small and uncomfortable bed. Doctor Maria checked on me and did other doctor stuff. Then she got out the equipment for pregnancy testing. I stood up totally un calm. "Whoa whoa whoa! Doctor Maria I can't be pregnant! I-" Cam pulled me back down and let the doctor do her thing. I can't be pregnant... I mean I can but.. "Chloe, Cameron, your.. Your.. Chloe your pregnant.." She said unsure of how I  would react. I couldn't believe it. Louis would kill Cam, I couldn't believe this. Why am I so stupid?! I ran out of the room, ignoring the pain. I ran through corridor 2 and down to the wall at the end that had a window off the side of it. Baby. It had a new meaning now. I was carrying a little guy, or girl, inside me. I should go back to the room, to see Cam, but I cant. I can't go back because that would mean facing my   fears and Im not a person that faces their fears. I'm used to running from them. Cam must feel awful. I heard fast running footsteps getting closer to me. I prayed it wasn't Cam or Nash. Not now at least. I must look terrible. I got as close to the window as I could go. "Chloe..." Nash. Really? I cried harder. He's probably going to tell me that there are worst things. But he doesn't understand. He sat beside me, pulling   me in his lap. I buried my face in his lap and cried. I'm such a baby. I've cried so much in my life. I hate crying but I'm so used to it. "Chloe. It's ok. Cameron is so scared right now. He thinks he hurt you. Are you ok, Babe?" Nash asked trying to fix my hair. It wasn't working. "Nash how? How could this happen? I mean we did...that... But why us? What did we do to deserve this?" He pulled my face close to his. "Chloe, don't look  at this as a bad thing. You love Cam don't you?" I nodded. "And Cam loves you. You can start a family now. Louis may be upset, he won't hate you. Cameron is worried sick. He needs you, and you need him no matter want you say." He finished and let go of me. We both stood up. Nash grabbed my hand as we walked back to the room together. We saw Cam pacing back and forth in front of the doctors door. "Cam.." I said softly. Nash let go of my hand. Cameron looked up from the floor. His face was all red and puffy. I carefully wiped away some of his tears. He smiled down at me and kissed my nose.


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