Stay with me

He loves me he loves me not fault I. Our stars + 5sos


3. school

I am the most popular girls in school. No one knows me though. No one knows I have a tumour.

Calum is coming over act casually (awkward position) " hi Charlie come to Luke's party" " I don't feel like a party.people being sick through there noses and the awkward dimension of drunk" " Charlie speaking out loud again but your coming,ok. Pick you up at 8 tonight" then Calum storms off.

I love him. I love him so much. He is handsome, stunning and no Charlie stop YOU don't love him. YOU don't need him YOU better go choose what to wear.

Black dress or black dress with bow???

I finally decide on the plain black dress that stops at the top of my thy. Just concealer today, eyeliner and the Kate moss lipstick shade 107.

Skip to arrival if party

I enter and there are a bunch of sleaze balls and sluts eating each others faces, the druggies and a girl alone at the bar(me).

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