Wishing Is Imagining

I collection of 5sos imagines written by me.


2. Wet And Wild ~ Michael Clifford

After finishing an intense home work out, you go the bathroom to rinse off. Just after you take your clothes off and let your hair down, a familiar voice calls your name.

"Y/N? Are you home?"

It's your boyfriend.

"Yeah Michael. I'm just about to take I shower." You call back.

"Oh okay babe." He probably just got back from band practice.

The clean warm water relaxes your muscles as it hits your skin. Just beginning to shampoo your hair, the bathroom door opens.

"Would you like me to help you out

Y/N?" Michael says it a perky tone.

"No thanks Mikey. I'm a big girl, I can shower on my own."

"Are you sure?" His tone has suddenly changed from sweet to seductive.

"Later Michael. I need to finish my shower." You hear him start striping down.

"I hope there's room for two in there, you know how I like to save water."

He lets out I light chuckle.

"Oh please, you just want to fuck me."

"Oh yeah that too!"

Almost done shampooing, the shower certain gets pulled open. A naked Mikey stands in front of you. You want to look at his body but you have soap dripping down your face.

Before even getting into the shower he says,

"Come here, I'll finish that for you."

His nimble fingers always do the best job of washing your hair.


He knows it makes you flustered when he washes your hair.

After shampooing and conditioning, his hands glide down to your hips as he steps into the shower.

"Here Mikey, let me wash your hair."

"Later Y/N, let me finish what I started." His lips curve into a devilish grin.

Squirting some body soap into his hands, he presses you into the cold tile wall and slowly lathers your body. You let out a slight moan when he rubs a little harder around your pelvis. He drags his soapy fingers up to your breasts, tickling your stomach on the way up. Gentle yet pleasing, he massages your boobs using the soap to make them slip around in his palms. You reach to pleasure him too, but Michael stops you.

"No princess, let me make this about you. I feel like I haven't spent very much time with you lately, I'm really sorry."

"Oh Michael, you know I hate it when you make a fuss over me."

"I know. You're independent and like to do things for your self. Just let me treat you like the princess you are. I love you so much."

Leaning down, he locks his lips with yours.

On that note, he begins washing the soap off your body. Starting with your shoulders and down. Completing his first task, he moves on to your collarbone. Tenderly leaving kisses there, along your neck, and jawline. His hands have now found their favorite place on your hips, but won't stay there for long.

Michael gets down on his knees to have a better working position, the water sprays right on him. His graceful tongue slips into you, causing your hands to go to his red hair. The warm feeling of his tongue doesn't last long enough, now he had two fingers inside. He starts pumping them making you want to scream, twisting and curling perfectly. Just for fun, he pops his tongue back in as well, giving you the sensation of a lifetime. Squirming under his soft grip, you moan his name repeatedly.

"Does that feel good love?"

"Y-yes Mi-i-chael." You reply between moans.

"I love you so much Y/N."

"I l-love you m-" You're cut off when your first wave washes over you.

While you're recovering, you don't even notice when Michael slips on a condom. Your mind is filled with thoughts if what he could have you feel, especially after what he just did with only two fingers and his tongue.

"Are you ready Y/N?"

"Yes, Mikey."

"Just tell me if it gets too much, okay?"


Before going into to you, he gives you a long passionate kiss.

Not even being inside you for two seconds, you're already clamping down. Fuck he's so big. Loosing the both of you up, the steamy water makes this all the more enjoyable. You've never had sex in the shower so this is all new, but you really like it.

"Damnit Y/N I don't want to come yet."

Michael says in between thrusts, hitting your g spot a couple of times.

"I'm sorry Mikey, it's j-just it feels so good."

"I know princess. Let me make in feel even better."

He crashed his lips into yours enhancing your already wild seances. Pulling apart a from the kiss he says,

"Look at me Y/N. Look at me when you come."

One look into is crystal blue eyes, and he had you weak at the knees. Right after you come, so did he. Slowly the two of you sink to the shower floor, still connected at the hips. You could have fallen asleep right there with the warm water poring over you.

But Michael says,

"Y/N, I love you with all my heart, and I want you to know that if you ever feel like I'm not spending enough time with you just tell me. I want you to be happy."

"I promise. And I love you more Michael."

"I love you most."

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