Wishing Is Imagining

I collection of 5sos imagines written by me.


1. Stay Away ~ Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin was the town's bad boy, you've only ever heard shit about him and that you should stay away. Although you've met him a couple of times and didn't think he was all awful. But then again, you were pretty bad yourself.

You were walking into the supermarket and something grabs you and pulls you into the one stall unisex restroom. You fight the tall figure but it's too strong. You here the lock click and you know you're trapped. With the lights off you can't make out the face of the person.

The figure growls into your ear,

"I here you're pretty bad miss Y/N. How about you show me how naughty you can be."

"Ashton?" You squeak.

"You know it princess."

"What the fuck do you want."

You had to muster up some courage to get those words out, but you still sound like a mouse.


Without even waiting for a response he pins you to the wall and begins laying harsh kisses along your jawline. Slowly moving down to your collarbone he nips at the tinder skin, you squirm under his grip.

"Easy princess." Ash breaths into the crook of your neck.

You can smell the mint on his tongue. So focused on his lips you didn't even notice his wandering hands. Damn he had big hands.

Before you knew it he had you moaning and weak at the knees just from his teasing kisses. You wanted him, you wanted him so bad. You try to find his waistband in the dark and start to fumble with the belt buckle.

"Patience is a virtue miss Y/N."

Ashton says as he takes your wrists and lifts them above your head.

"Yeah? So is taking off your belt before you fuck someone."

You mumble under your moans.

"Now who ever said anything about fucking you?" He teases.

Even in the dark you can see his creamy hazel eyes staring into yours.

"Well you pretty much implied it when you kidnapped me and just gave me about fifteen hickeys." You've regained your composer by this point.

"Sassy, sassy, I think I'm going to have to punish you for that feisty mouth of yours."

You can almost hear the devious smirk on his plump lips. You start to say something but he stops you by pulling of your shirt and unhooking your bra like he's done this hundreds of times. He swiftly starts sucking one nipple and kneading the other with his hand. You attempt to take of his shirt and he allows you. He slips off your shorts and panties. You take a short breath before he plunges one of his long fingers into you. At a painfully slow pace he pumps his finger, you lightly drag your nails down his spine. Without a warning, he goes from one finger to three, and drastically picks up the pace. Your hands instantly grab his curly locks and tug. You remember you're standing in a restroom when you're so close your knees almost give out. Ashton uses his free hand and keeps you steady by holding your waist.

"Come for me Y/N." Was one of the many things he said when he whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

Fingers still inside you, he's pumping fast than ever before, curling them at just the right moment. You hit your peck. Before you scream he puts his free hand over your mouth. Fuck, you're still in a restroom. Recovering from what you just felt, Ash pulls his pants off and he already has a condom on.

You laugh a little to your self,

"Well someone came prepared."

"Hey I'm not going to waist any time messing with a condom when I have a stunning lady like you waiting."

"That's pretty sm-"

He cuts you off when you feel him enter you. Woah he's bigger than you thought he would be. Just starting to rock his hips and he already had you clamping down.

Raking your nails down his back, you moan, "Oh daddy."

You had a hunch he has a daddy kink.

"You know it baby girl." He growls, breath hitching mid sentence.

Faster and faster he goes, the air feels thick and heavy in your lungs. His long graceful fingers glide along your clammy skin, finding their way to your tits. You want this moment to last forever, but you can't hold out much longer. One hand grips onto his strong arm, the other to his sweaty curls. You can only imagine how you look right now, eyes wild, gripping on to him for dear life.

The pleasure overwhelms you, sending your senses into a frenzy. Not long after Ashton hits his own high, you hold onto each other to keep from falling over. The two of you just stand there for what feels like ages recovering from what you just experienced.

Ashton is the first one to speck,

"Well miss Y/N you're pretty good."

"You're not to bad your self Irwin. And I see someone has a little daddy kink."

"I actually didn't know I had one until you said it."

You both let out a little awkward laugh.

You hear him shuffle around a bit and suddenly he flips the light on. His body was stunning. If you had anything left inside you would want to start over. You sigh a little when he begins putting his clothes back on. Not wanting to seem weird, you do the same. The silence in the air was defining.

"We should do this again sometime." Ash says.

"Yeah we should, just give me more of a warning next time."

"Ha will do, but you have to give me your number."

"Well, you did just kidnap and fuck me so why not."

You two both agreed that was the best day of your lives.

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