Do You Love Me?

This is a good book, you should read it


2. Thats Not My Name

" Come on princess, whats the name? " Luke said bugging me again, its about half way through the school day now

" Luke, im not telling you my name, you could be a crazy axe murdurer for all i know "

" Then let me guess it " he said

" Youre desperate, arent you? "

" AM NOT " He said back to me, i of coarse, laughed at this.

He thought for a while

" Jade? "

I shook my head

" Amber? "

I shook my head again and smiled, this went on for a few more minuets, he thought long and hard, looking me up and down, wait, is he checking me out?

" How about... Sapphire? " He asked

" Psh, No " i said

" It is Sapphire!!! Isnt it!!!??? "

I blushed a little " Nope "

He smiles, and he leans in and kisses my cheek, i wipe it off in disgust

" Oh, come on, i know you want me " he smiles and left as the bell rung

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