Do You Love Me?

This is a good book, you should read it


1. Hello There

I trudge down the hall in school and open my locker, Locker 323, and guess who happens to be at the locker next to mine? Oh, just the Typical bad boy of the school, Luke Hemmings.

Meet Luke, Luke, fucking, Hemmings

Sure, hes a little cute, but he is a player, nothing more, nothing less, he plays with girls hearts, he says he loves you, then the next day he leaves.

Ive never even talked to the guy before

I feel movement coming from his direction, then a deep australian Accent, " Hey, im Luke, Whats your name, babe? " he smiles and asks me

I stare him straight in the eyes. His Icyme blue, cold, eyes

" Whats it to you? " I snap at him

" Sorry, i cant ask a beautiful girl her Name? Will a phone number be better to ask for? " he says and smiles again, putting his hands up defensively

" Whatever " i mutter, and i walk away

A/N: Hey guys! Im gonna start a new book! Hope you like it!

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