Haley Payne. Liam Payne's little sister. When the WWA tour starts, Liam brings Haley along. But this decision will be the start of heartbreak and betrayal...


9. Together Forever xx

// Haley's Pov //

Luke took me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant then to the park where we walked around for a while. "Ok, Luke, where is this going? I mean sure we're best friends and we can go out for the day together, but where is this leading to?" He looked at me relieved. Like he was waiting for me to say that. "Ok. Haley I have to ask you something. Here I go, I guess... I have known you for about 2 years now. Your everything a guy looks for in a girl, and your perfect to me. I've been holding this in for a while now. Will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled really big as Luke was sweating, waiting for my response. "I would love to go out with you, Luke." He laughed and smiled then picked me up and kissed me. This wasn't my first kiss but it's definatly my favorite. I love Luke. But for some odd reason.. I keep thinking about Niall......




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