Footprints in the Snow



1. First Visit


A shadow cast

upon the ground

then on a rock

the shadow is found

Dozens of rocks

row on row

and the shadow stands

in the light snow

“Hey dad,

hows it going?

It’s so peaceful here

especially when it’s snowing.

Mom is doing well,

your daughter is doing fine,

I’ve done graduated

and following your line.

Dad you were my hero.

You were really brave.

You taught me how to ride my bike,

and taught me how to shave.

Taught me all my life lessons.

Taught me to hold a gun.

As I look back now,

I smile at all our fun.

You always were there from me.

You taught me to be a man.

Told me how to treat a woman,

and spoke of God’s great plan.

Now dad,

I’m here to say,

I’m doing like yourself.

I’m shipping out today.

I just got back from the basic,

signed with the army.

Today I’m leaving,

and going over seas.


Mom says you would be proud.

That you’d be glad to say,

‘hoorah son, getter done,’

but  you’re not here today.

So dad,

I just want to say,

that I really love you,

and I’ll see you some day.”

The shadow starts to lurk away.

The boy started to go.

and here among all these rocks,

were footprints in the snow.



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