Why did you change?

Shawn Mendes was all about dreaming and to be famous and sing for a living. He is also dating Nash Grier's little sister Madison Grier. But when Shawn gets a record deal will fame get into his head and forget about Madison and his supporters or will he stay the same sweet loving boy he always was? Read and find out!✨


10. Chapter 7

For the rest of the story it's going to be Madison's POV unless I change it

Shawn just told me he is in love with me! Finally! "Shawn I'm in love with you too!" I say. I run up out my legs around his waist while he is holding me I kiss him and sparks fly! The kiss got intense and before I knew it I was in my bra and underwear and shawn in his boxers. I really want to do this. Its making love I love him so much. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Shawn asks. I nod and get on top of him. I pull down his boxers and he takes my bra and underwear off. And yall know what happens next. 

Wow that was amazing. Me and Shawn cuddle while we are still naked. Then we fall asleep. 

*Few hours later*

"Hey Madison wake up." Omg it was Nash. I wake up. "Yes?" I ask. "We are going out to eat. Wanna go?" He ask. "No I'm good me and Shawn are going out tonight." I say. "Oh ok. How come did I hear moaning?" He asks. "It was probably someone else." I reply. "Then why are you shirtless under the cover?" Ugh. "NASH GET OUT ME AND SHAWN MADE LOVE SO ITS OK QUIT ASKING QUESTIONS." I Yell while laughing. "What?" Oh no what have I done?

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