Why did you change?

Shawn Mendes was all about dreaming and to be famous and sing for a living. He is also dating Nash Grier's little sister Madison Grier. But when Shawn gets a record deal will fame get into his head and forget about Madison and his supporters or will he stay the same sweet loving boy he always was? Read and find out!✨


4. Chapter 4


Well we are at the Meet and Greet. We all do our thing together and I sing, I pick a perfect song for Madison. I go up on stage. "This song is about a special girl you know who you are." I wink at  Madison. I look at her and start to sing If I Can't Be With You by R5 I don't wanna be famous I don't wanna if I can't be with you  Everything I eat's tasteless  Everything I see don't compare to you Paris, Monaco, Vegas  I'd rather stay with you if I had to choose Baby you're the greatest  And I got everything to loose And I just wanna be with you And I can never get enough Baby give it all up, up I'd give it all up  All of this stuff sucks if I can't be with you  No Oscar, No Grammy  No mansion in Miami  The sun don't shine  The sky ain't blue  If I can't be with you  I could sail around the whole world  I still won't find a place  As beautiful as you girl And really who's got time to waste  I can't even see a future  Without you in it colors start to fade  Ain't no way I'm gonna loose ya Nobody in the world could take your place  You're the kind you just can't replace And I can never get enough Baby give it all up, up I'd give it all up  All of this sucks if I can't be with you  No Oscar, No Grammy  No mansion in Miami  The sun don't shine  The sky ain't blue  If I can't be with you  I finish it and smile. She smiled so big I love her no thinking to it anymore. Tonight we are going to tell Nash then I'm going to take her out on a date. I sing 2 more songs and meet fans. One came up to me. "Hey Shawn I love you so much you're my favorite Magcon boy!" She says. "Aww that's sweet babe what's your name?" I ask. "Hannah. I also know who you are dating." She replies. "Aww sorry I don't have a girlfriend but I do have my eyes on a girl." I say. "Well its all over Twitter saying that you and Madison are dating. But it will mine and your secret." She winks at me. "Also I ship y'all hard y'all my OTP!" She continued. "Thanks oh and please don't tell anybody." I say. "It's ok I won't. I'm going to meet the other boys I love you!" She says. "I love you too!" I gave her a big hug. I love my fans I really do. I'm blessed with this I got my beautiful girl and my fans and they are supporting the thing I love to do sing. To me I think the rest of the boys are like my brothers we are always there for each other. I wouldn't replace anything I love my life. I just can't wait for what the future holds. We go back to our hotel we all go into my room and order pizza. While everyone is waiting for pizza we might as well tell them. "Madison do you want to tell them while they are all here?" I ask. "Yes but I'm nervous." She replies. "Don't be I'm going to be by your side always and forever." I smile she smiles back. I stand up. "Okay guys there is something that me and Madison want to tell you." I pause for a minute. "Madison and I are dating it's only the 4th week we have." I say. Suddenly Nash gets up and goes out of the room. Oh no what have I done? NASH'S POV I can't believe Madison! She used to tell me everything! We used to be so close. Even my best friend didn't tell me! Madison and Shawn chases after me. "NASH WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?" Madison yells. "YOU AND HIM YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN GOING OUT FOR 4 WEEKS!?! AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME? I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THAT!!" I yell back. "WELL IF YOU CANT SUPPORT ME AND SHAWN THEN I WONT EVEN CALL YOU MY BROTHER YOU AND ME ARE HISTORY!" She says yells louder. That broke me into pieces I can't believe she just said that if she can act like that so can I. "That's fine with me I don't want to be the brother of some whore!" I yell. Then she ran away crying.... MADISON'S POV "That's fine with me I don't want to be the brother of some whore!" Those words keep ringing through my head. I ran to my hotel room and find my best friend my blade. I then here bagging on the door. "MADISON OPEN THE DOOR OR ILL BREAK IT DOWN! PLEASE JUST OPEN THE DOOR! DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID! Please babe." Shawn says the last part calm. I ignore it and go to the bathroom and 1 cut for being Nash's sister another for being Shawn's girlfriend another one for being a whore another on for being fat anoth- I was stopped by Shawn breaking down the door. "Madison what in the hell are you doing!?" He had tears forming. My wrist still bleeding. "DONT YOU SEE IT SHAWN IM A WHORE FOR BEING YOUR GIRLFRIEND IM A WHORE FOR BEING NASHS LITTLE SISTER!! IM A JUST A FUCKING WHORE!!" I yell while crying. "No you're not Madison all you are is perfect to me. You're the perfect girlfriend. Madison there are people that love you so much it hurts. I love you so much you don't even know it. If you feel the need to self harm just come to me and if I'm not there I'm just a phone call away. It hurts to see you like this. Just know that you are my world. I care about you too much. I never loved anyone more. My love for you will never fail. You're beautiful in every way possible inside and out. I love it when you don't wear much makeup because I don't want you to hide that beautiful face of yours. Madison, what I'm trying to say is I'm in love with you." He says I'm crying I never knew he cares so much. "Shawn I love you too. Thank you so much. For everything. You make me feel beautiful. I appreciate all you've done for me. I never loved anyone this much." I say. He smile and says, "Now let's get that cleaned up.You have to promise me you'll never do this again." I look at him in the eyes. "I promise." 
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