Why did you change?

Shawn Mendes was all about dreaming and to be famous and sing for a living. He is also dating Nash Grier's little sister Madison Grier. But when Shawn gets a record deal will fame get into his head and forget about Madison and his supporters or will he stay the same sweet loving boy he always was? Read and find out!✨


3. Chapter 3


   Today is the day we are going to Magcon! I get all my stuff together and head to go pick up Nash, Madison, and Hayes. I stop by their house and honk my horn. When they come out I help them with their bags. Madison sits up in the passenger seat. "Hey what if I wanted to sit up there?" Hayes asked. "Sorry little bro I got up here first." She says. I laugh. It's so hard not to kiss her she's beautiful I mean yeah she is my girlfriend but we have only dated 3 weeks and we still haven't told Nash and we intend to keep it that way. Because he will chop my head off. We made it to the airport and do all the boring stuff and finally board the plane. I sit beside Madison. "Hey Shawn when are we going to tell Nash?" She asks. "I don't know whenever you want to." I reply.  NASH'S POV  I heard Madi talking to Shawn like she's comfortable around him. I swear if they done anything together I'm going to kill Shawn. Madi is my little sister. I just don't want her to get hurt. If she gets hurt I get hurt. She means so much to me. I just want to protect her. She will do anything just to make someone happy. That's the thing she's always happy no sadness or depression in her so if she gets hurt it will tear me apart. MADISON'S POV The hate on the Internet is tearing me apart. Apparently I'm a whore for being Shawn Mendes's girlfriend and Nash's little sister. How does that make me a whore? The hate is uncontrollable the cuts haven't stopped. I have to hide them from Shawn and Nash. I check my Twitter and look more hate: Look at that whore why is she even in Magcon? She is making a fool of herself😂😂. And more like that. I can't take it anymore! I wish this plane would crash so I'm the only one to die. I try not to let my depression show I put on a act and fake a smile. But when I'm with Shawn I smile a real smile. I don't know what I'll do without him he's the reason I'm here. I put my head on Shawn's shoulder and fall asleep. SHAWN'S POV We are finally in D.C! We go to our hotel and unpack. I share a room with Nash,Matt, and Cam. Madison has to share a room with Mahogany. I think about how beautiful Madison is. I'm in love with Madison.....


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