Why did you change?

Shawn Mendes was all about dreaming and to be famous and sing for a living. He is also dating Nash Grier's little sister Madison Grier. But when Shawn gets a record deal will fame get into his head and forget about Madison and his supporters or will he stay the same sweet loving boy he always was? Read and find out!✨


2. Chapter 2


     Video after video weekly I instantly became a big hit I also made vines. I wouldn't be here without my beautiful girlfriend. I love her to death. I don't know where I would be without her. She means so much to me. My family has been supporting me nonstop. I'm really happy. "OMG BABE GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!" Madi says coming through my door. I laugh. "What?" I ask. "I get to join Magcon! It's where the best viners or YouTubers go it stands for Meet and greet!" She says. "That's great I'm happy for you but I'm going to miss you." I say while holding her by the waist. "Aww I'm going to miss you too but I'm not going to be there long and plus Nash is going because he is a viner so I'll be safe." She says and I nod. We decide to watch The Fault in Our Stars (her choice). Suddenly I get a call from a number I've never seen. MADISON'S POV! When I got a call from Bart I asked him who is going and he said Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier (my brother), Cameron Dallas, Aaron Capenter, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier (my little brother), Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Jacob Whitesides, and Mahogany Lox! Mahogany is queen!👑 I watch all her videos. She inspires me. Especially when it comes to fashion I wear anything she wears she is so stylish! Well anyway when I was talking to Bart I told him to check out Shawn's channel he told me he would and call him if he's in. So that might be him I'm excited!! SHAWN'S POV!  PHONE CONVO: B-Bart S-Shawn S- Hello? B- Hello is this Shawn Mendes?  S- Yes it is. B- Well Shawn I'm Bart the manager from Magcon and I watched your YouTube videos and your vines and I think you're talented. Would you like to come and tour with us all over America? But first parent's permission of course. S-Yes thank you so much! B- I'll call you back to make sure it's ok with your parents. Have a great day Shawn! S- Thanks you too. Wow I'm going to Magcon! Also Madison is going I can already tell this is going to be awesome! 
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