Why did you change?

Shawn Mendes was all about dreaming and to be famous and sing for a living. He is also dating Nash Grier's little sister Madison Grier. But when Shawn gets a record deal will fame get into his head and forget about Madison and his supporters or will he stay the same sweet loving boy he always was? Read and find out!✨


1. Chapter 1


      I'm Shawn Mendes and I love to sing but I was always too shy to sing in front of people. I also got a girlfriend her name is Madison Grier. Yes, Nash Grier's sister. He doesn't know about us yet but I have a feeling he does but just denies it. As I get deep into thought Madison came in

"Hey babe!" She says all cheerful.

"Hey why are you excited?" I ask.

"Well my YouTube career is going big!" She says.

"I also know you like to sing, Shawn you have a beautiful voice maybe you should start a YouTube channel." She continues.

"I don't know babe I'm kind of shy." I say the last part quietly. "Aww my baby is shy!" She cheers. "No I'm not!" I pout.

"Then make a YouTube channel PLEASE PLEASE oh we could do the girlfriend and boyfriend tag!" She says hopeful. "I don't know Madi." I say.

"Pwease if you love me" She bashes her eyelashes and sticks out her bottom lip.

"Aww how can I say no to that." I say giving in. "YAY LETS START NOW!" She yells. We go in her room and start thinking of songs we should do.

"How about Summertime Sadness?" She asks. "Nah not in the mood for that." I say and instantly think of one. "How about All of the Stars?" I ask.

"That's perfect I'm so proud of you!" She says. I kiss her and grab my guitar. "Hey guys I'm Shawn Mendes and I'm kinda new at this so bare with me. You might know Madison Grier well she is here to support me." I say and motion Madison over.

"Hey guys this boy is great!" She points at me. "Thanks babe!" I say. "Well I'm going to sing All of the Stars." I continue. I strum the strings on my guitar and begin. *Just another night and I'm staring at the moon saw a shooting star and thought of you* I sung through the end and felt the action it felt good! "Thanks for watching guys make sure to subscribe for weekly videos!" I say and turned off the camera.

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