The Father Of My Child?!?!

So Once upon a time there live this girl who was depressed but nobody realized it. Sadly to say she started cutting it took out the pain that she had deep deep down inside she started not talking to anyone and all her friends left. She felt left out then one day he prince charming came she though but he left soon after her what will happen after she finds out she's pregnant.

(The girl on the cover is May Taylor)

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3. || Chapter 2 ||

~May's PoV~

I woke up to Kai tapping me "Where here May" i nodded and looked at my side to see Nate's head on my lap i pick him up and grab the back pack Kai walked off to get ours bags. i followed her and Nate woke up i set him down and i handed him his bag and we walked out side and grabbed a cab we got in and i told him the hotel it was the best Hotel in HollyWood. there were a lot of cameras and pops there so i called to hotel manager " Hi This is may taylor i have a room with y'all and we pulled up theres a lot of people out front and i already paid and want this room how can we get in?" I asked "Pull around back please" i told the cab what they told me we got around back and a van just pulled up and ran inside were 5 people i couldn't see who it was but they ran fast. we got out and grabbed our bag i payed and we went inside to the front desk "Hi May Taylor" I said. "We have a May Taylor for a grand on floor 7 room 20 on that floor?" she smiled and handed her my key. and turned around to walk to the elevator and saw the person i haven't seen in almost 4 years. 

~Harry's PoV~

Me and the boys piled in the van to go to the hotel there was pops every where. So we went around back and ran in a car pulled up behind us but i kept running. Liam and Paul went to check us in and all so i sat down until i heard a name and a voice that belonged to an angle that stole my heart a long time ago. "May Taylor" That was my angle she grabbed her keys and turned around i guess i was by now behind well now in front of her "Hi"

A/N So they see each other is it good or nah?? please tell me 

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