The Father Of My Child?!?!

So Once upon a time there live this girl who was depressed but nobody realized it. Sadly to say she started cutting it took out the pain that she had deep deep down inside she started not talking to anyone and all her friends left. She felt left out then one day he prince charming came she though but he left soon after her what will happen after she finds out she's pregnant.

(The girl on the cover is May Taylor)

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2. || Chapter 1||

~May's PoV~

I woke up screaming from the nightmares again. I cut and i kept cutting and Nathan Walked in to me bleeding out "No Nate out!" i yelled in my dream. i started crying in walks my little three year old son he climbed in my bed and hugged me if i didn't have him i don't know what i would do. We layer down and i cried silently and he just held his hug there. we fell back asleep and his nanny woke me up i looked at her.

"Kai i don't think I'm going to work today if you want you can help out" i said she looked at me "Sure May what do you want to do?" she asked "Kai I kinda wanna travel some where...."  " would you travel to california with me and nathan?" i asked she gets along with nathan and i just want to go shopping for some new books in the U.S.A. She looked at me for a moment then smiled "Cali it is ill get packed and ill help you out with nathan." I smiled and laid down with nathan and she walked out to get packed. 

- 1 Hour Later - 

"Hay Katt I'm traveling out of the country for a week and I'm leaving today can you take over for the week…….Thanks I will bring you back something!" I said to my head employee at my store. I grabbed the suit cases and put them in the cab the we all got in "The airport please" i said nicely We Got there and nate knows not to let go of my hand of Kai's hand so he held both we went through and we had like 20 minutes so i get us a little something to eat and me a magazine. when we get on the plane we get settled and i start to doze off with Nate's head on my side doing the same. 

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