My Brothers Bestfriend.

5sos are not famous, they never become famous, they don't want to be famous, infact they don't even make youtube videos. They all go to school together, with Michaels sister, Olivia. All five of them are best friends, yes, Olivia and Michael both have the same best friends. They don't mind though, they have a very good relationship. However, one day everything falls apart between the guys. But why? How? They've always been together, as a group, just them, and no-one else. Olivia isn't even aware of this, will she ever be aware of this?


2. ✨2✨- introducing Michael


As I was making my toast I felt someone bump into me, it was Olivia.

"Oh hey." She said as she smiled at me.

"Heylo!" I say in a silly voice.

"I'm sorry by dawayy..." She said back in a silly voice.

"Nah, it's ok." She said to me. I shrugged and sat down next to her.

"Ewww go away!" She cried in a jokey voice.

"But you wuv me?" I said back in a baby voice.

"Yes, I do! Now I'm going to finish getting ready." With that she left to go upstairs. I love her so much. She is the best sister ever! And the bestest best friend too. We are really close, and it's weird because usually siblings argue all of the time but we don't. I finished eating my breakfast and I went to wait by the door.

"Livvy! Come on!" I yelled up the stairs. Within seconds she was running down the stairs and walking out of the door with me following.

"We are going to Ashton's today, he is gonna drive us to school and then were gonna go and get food afterwards." I said to her.

"Cool!" She smiled and then took her phone out of her pocket are put in one earphone. I could hear american idiot playing in her ear - she always plays her music too loudly. I started to sing along, she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. Within seconds we were both singing very loudly and walking down the street. We got a few strange looks from people who we walked past but we didn't care, there wasn't that many people anyway. We finally arrived at Ashton's house and I went up to the door and knocked. Then I stepped back so I could stand by Olivia again. We heard footsteps running down the stairs and then the door flew open. Ashton greeted us with a big smile and let us in.

Heyy😝 I'm really sorry about the weird thing that happened before I don't know why not all of it posted and anyway here is the chapter.🙈 and also sorry it's short😬 OMG IM SORRY BUT I WAS WRITING THIS CHAPTER AND THINKING OF MICHAELS BEAUTIFUL SINGING VOICE👼 haha anyway... I will give more info on all of the characters as we get further into the story for now though it is just introducing them✨ okaii byee💋

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