He's My Everything

Ashton Riley's boyfriend, Alex Heinsbrock, has been in a coma for almost half a year; and Ashton refuses to quit blaming himself for it. Ashton has two things he wants more than anything in the world. One, for Alex to come out of his coma and two, to make the man who did this to his boyfriend pay.


1. Prologue

"You can't do this!" I exclaim, choking back my tears.

   Sharon's eyes are on me, I can feel them. My baby blues are stuck on Alex's figure. Lying in that hospital bed, eyes closed,unmoving like always. How can Sharon, Alex's own mother, be so completely willing to do this to him?

"Ashton, it's been five months," Sharon sobs.

   Yeah, so that's how long I've lived in hell...almost half a year. When I wasn't depressed, I was angry. When I was angry, I always blamed myself for what happened to Alex. If I could've just reached him a bit sooner...ugh. After everything I did to try and convince him to give me a chance, to convince him that he might be able to fall in love with me, I got him. He was mine. I swore to myself I'd protect him from anything, and I let my baby down.

"There's still a chance," I whisper, feeling so weak.

   Sharon shakes her head slightly,her mascara is spread all the way down her cheeks.I clutch the birch dresser's edge, trying to prevent my legs from giving up on me and sending me to the tile flooring. The new doctor steps into the room and hands Sharon some official-looking forms, along with a black ballpoint ink pen. No!

"You're not going to kill him! He's barely sixteen!" I plead.

   Sharon ignores my cry, her eyes red and already mournful. The doctor approaches me, her eyes full of sorrow. She rests a gentle manicured hand on my shoulder soothingly.

"I'm so sorry, I know losing your brother must be tough," she sighs.

"I'm not his brother, I'm his boyfriend," I correct weakly.

   The doctor gives me a confused glance, she then pulls out her wooden clipboard from her scrubs and quickly scans it.

"Oh I'm sorry. You must be Ashton Riley, I must've mistaken you with Ashley Heinsbrock," she mumbles.

   Ashley Heinsbrock, Alex's older sister. They could almost be twins if not for the age difference. Alex and Ashley both have natural auburn hair and chocolate eyes, that was, until Alex dyed his hair black a few years ago. They both are only an inch shorter than I am, five foot nine, and are both too smart for their own good.

   Ashley's life, just like mine, fell apart when Alex entered into his coma. She began staying drunk all of the time, which led to her getting fired from her teaching job at the local elementary school and also led to her fiancé, Hayden, leaving her. She ended up moving back in with Sharon because she had no job to pay her bills. Ashley is the only person that loves Alex almost as much as I do. Oh god...Alex.

"Please don't take them off the life support. Oh god please!" I beg.

"I don't wanna lose him either Ashton! But he's not coming back!" Sharon exclaims.

   My legs cave in, and I collapse in helplessness and sobs. What did Alex possibly do to deserve to die so young? He's a great kid! An average high school student with decent grades, nice friends, he's fun to hang out with and he's a virgin for crying out loud!

   Meanwhile, I dropped out of the eleventh grade two years ago, have only three friends and two of them are in jail at the moment, and discovered what the word "virgin" was without even being one! It should be me about to die instead of Alex. Why him?




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