Will i be saved?

Being Niall Horan's sister isn't as fun as it sounds. Sure you know a lot of famous people. Everyone wants to be your friend, but only because you're related to Niall Horan. But soon all the hate and fake friends drove me over the edge. What will happen? Will I be saved?


8. Chapter 5

Sheeva's POV


Katherine will probably never forgive me for telling this but I have to. "So, will you please tell me the story?" I nodded and told her how she's been with Chad for 3 years. How the first year they were the cutest couple ever. How the second year he started calling her names and drinking heavily. How this year, he began beating her. I was in tears by the time I got done. "Thank you." She got up and left. I sat there for a few minutes trying to make myself look presentable.

Sorry about the short chapter!!

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