1. Forevermore

Your eyes include one thousand shades of one hundred colors

And though greens and browns have never appealed to me

I want nothing more than to stare into them forevermore

There is not a more mesmerizing sight to see


When you were young you had the smile of most children

Your teeth wonderfully crooked before they were aligned by request

I know you find them perfect now

But your imperfect smile was always the best


Please do not take this the wrong way, because you know even now

Your smile has the power to make girls swoon and flowers grow

The lopsided smirk that everyone loves

And that everyone has come to know


You have the voice of angels when you start to sing

Though raspy and breathy, still amazing to hear

I’d give up everything to be next to you at this time

So you could see how truly amazing you are, my dear

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