Rose Winter, is magic. I know what all of you are thinking. Oh, this is just a story, it isn't true. Well it is real. Rose has visions. Whenever she touches something, she has a vision. Then she meets Niall, and her visions start to fade. Something about that 1D boy, just isn't right. Can Rose figure out what's going on, and save her magic before it's too late?


1. Meet Me

Hello. My name is Rose Winter. I have crystal blue eyes, and waist length golden hair. I have moonlight pale skin and I am pretty skinny. I like wearing skinny jeans and belly tops. The shoes I wear are either black sneakers or brown knee length boots. My bffs are two girls called Oliwia Nightshade and Megan Sparrow. My mom's name is Christie Winter. My dad is Liam Winter. 


How is it? Plz tell me in a comment. Thank you!

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